Real Vacay

Had read a meme which stated something like – “if you are with husband and kids, that’s not vacation it’s change of location”.

I felt it was funny / witty.

In reality, my version of same quote is there are two types of vacations:

a) Group Vacation (family/ friends/etc.)

B) Solo Vacation (spending time with oneself/ zen-like etc.)

Both vacations add value to your whole being. I need both sorts. I love being on solo trips, though haven’t had a real solo vacation till date, but my work let’s me travel and for me that is a sort of solo vacay.

It gives me all the time in the world before and after work;

It let’s me choose what I want to do each day without any ifs and buts;

It let’s me just chill after a long day, no chores and no role;

It let’s me choose to be asocial, if I don’t want to meet anyone at all, I can do that;

I can be in the city and no one will know I was there, I can be anonymous, not mattering to anyone, not wanting to be noticed or talked to;

Basically, I can just be!

I think such breaks rejuvenate me, balance me and refresh my system, to go back to my usual life happy!

Having said the above, such breaks need to be shorter ONLY for I cannot live this break for more than 2-3 days!

I want my usual, I want my chores, I want my people!!!!

Today, as I write this, I’m on one such solo- worcay*! (A vacation happened because of work).

And this is what I’m into, once I hit the publish button up in the right corner!

*Yes, go ahead and praise me, I just invented this word, right here right now 🙂 *adjusts collar*

P.S. I’m not sure if this word really doesn’t exist, if it does pls remember I wasn’t the first to coin it but I didn’t copy either!!!

Losing Track

Started with a zest to return to this blog and write regularly if not daily. But something has changed, something is not the same – blogging is not the same that it was in those years. Like about 7 years ago!

I love writing even today – it gives me freedom to express and there’s no limit on words or time, I can write however long post I want and no one shall ask me to shut up!

Also, the best part of blogging – for me – is I’m better at writing my thoughts as compared to speaking them up. I feel while writing I’m more organized and the flow of thoughts is in order.

So when the love for writing is intact and the advantages are clear, then what happened to blogging? Earlier, it was so much fun, there was a undying excitement to check wordpress, to read blogs and to write your own. There was communication, however silly or wise, bloggers did engage. I miss that gang, I miss that madness. Everyone had a life then, everyone has a life now – so what really changed? What made us so busy to not look at the blogging world, at all?

I’ve made some really good friends here. Though blogging has (very near to) vanished from my life, I’m happy the friends stayed. Blogging also changed me as a person, how I thought, how I looked at things, how I knew things – it did change me and for good.

I think I’ve lost the track to schedule blogging in my daily routine. Of course there’s no compulsion to blog, no one’s holding me at a gun point! But how funny is that – I want to blog and I can’t seem to find a way to include it in my routine.

Let’s see if I’m able to take baby steps and get it back in my life!


All my life I’ve not been superstitious like ‘if (black) cat crosses your path, stop’. Such things I’ve not followed / paid heed to or bothered to understand. Having said that , I don’t demean these superstitions, I don’t think (judge) that these things are useless or should not be given importance to, just that I don’t believe in them.

But there’s one thing of my own, which is a stark contrast to what I just wrote above – I believe that if you speak before things have happened OR you imagine the future before even being in that moment – things go for a toss.

That’s what jinxology is ! I think it happens, it exists and it works. I’ve experienced it so many times and in cases as tiny as planning a movie or a dinner etc.

Slowly and steadily my belief on jinxology has deepened. I’ve grown more cautious than ever and with each passing year, I’m getting very very skeptic about things been said or talked about and getting jinxed!

The fear is so much so that, I don’t tell anyone about our upcoming trips, I don’t tell anyone about our new achievements- until it has all happened and dusted. And by anyone here I mean – any single person, even close family gets to know quite later in the event!! Even if something is halfway, I’m scared to mention it. I feel I’m the reason behind jinxing things. That nazar my own.

Some of my friends do find it weird, some get it right and never bother to pester me. Some ridicule me and some take me seriously. So far, still ok – I’ve been handling it all well – me thinks!

But now, my next level crazy has arrived. If someone is telling me about their good news or trips or plans or any important event of their lives – I stop them right there. I tell them to not speak about it before it takes place in reality – people have given me raised-eyebrow looks, they’ve laughed at me and they’ve tried to make me understand that its ok to speak and everyone’s belief is different.

I get it. I get it. But I’m just being cautious for you too, I’m a good soul no?

Can’t seem to help, jinxology fever has caught me!

So, this is me!

There are people who judge other people, based on their definition of ‘cool’ and ‘classy’. Which is natural. But what is natural is always right, is not the case, right? Ok, I think so!

  1. Your cool might not be my cool.
  2. Your cool maybe my cool too but I may be restricted by circumstances to play that cool.
  3. Your cool is really not very cool but only because you feel strongly about it, you think that’s the only cool!

If I’ve not confused you already, let me move ahead. So, I feel everyone, according to their best ability and knowledge and choice, is cool and nice. Who are we to judge each other? A certain person might not fit your bill but that still doesn’t make that person not-nice or not-good.

And when someone judges you, you know. You can feel it. They may not say it in many words but their body language, their reaction and their eyes- everything speak loud and clear.

If I’ve to judge myself, I know the flaws that I’ve, I know the areas where I’ve a long way to go, I know I’m lazy, I ignore my health, I can be a number one procrastinator at times, I avoid talking on phone, etc etc. (Just admitting, not being proud of it)

But I also know that I empathize, I’m emotional, I love 100% and genuinely, I read, I travel, I help, I feel, I don’t judge, I cook, I create, I design, I sketch, I paint, I craft, I drive, I’m funny, I swim, I watch movies,I’ve a career, I care, I don’t plan or plot and most importantly- I’m honest!

If I see what “I do or I’m”, it wins over the list of “I’m not and I don’t”. So, in my humble opinion I’m a nice person even if I look lazy or fat to you 🙂

The point is just by seeing someone on the outer or spending just a little time with them or even reading their blogs for that matter, we shouldn’t lable a person-especially a bad or that of not so cool lable. Everyone has a reason to not be something or for being someone that they’re. Just let them be, like you are generous with yourself for being what you want to be,right?

Let’s not judge, let’s not tag – just be, let be!

*gyaan ends here*

This night, just about last year..

Can’t forget how awesomely my twenty eighteen had kick-started! In fact the awesomeness (read- crazy planning) began a long way back..about 5 months, I think.

So, these 4 crazy girls-first, blogger friends (always in the race of being that first one to comment on each other’s post) and then to real life buddies. We don’t chat/talk every day or we don’t meet often and yet…we are “friends”. And that’s the beautiful part of it all.

So, these 4 girls brainstormed, contemplated and finally zeroed down a destination, for an all girls’ trip, to mark the beginning of 2018!

This was us….this date, that night

New Beginnings of Twenty Nineteen

I should definitely start with thanking my dear friends Nuttie and DI for nudging, encouraging and basically pulling me out of my lazy cocoon to brush the dust off this blog.

I missed writing. But I never made time to write, be it updates or a blah blah. Over the past few years, I’ve realized that between speaking my thoughts upfront and writing them down, I do a better job at the latter. So, all the more reason I should write. After all the purpose of this blog is to record things for future, create a series of short stories to laugh at when I’m in my second half of the year in life, to write about my kids, who every single day give me so much masala to savor 🙂

So, now that I’ve given my fingers a little exercise and mind a little push to recall how to post on wordpress, I’m telling myself that I will come here, everyday-possibly, and write.

2018 was a great year, overall. Life’s good and I’m thankful!

2019 brings me another year closer to my middle adulthood stage! I’m totally excited to reach there, to be that number and be in that phase.

I’m glad to be back, really. It feels so much better to write, wow! I had forgotten this feeling but as they say all’s well that begins.. (well, not sure who says this, but I think its right, no?) 🙂


Getting inked has been on my mind since so many years now. I so want to get inked, with a little design on my ankle, but I have no guts to take this plunge.

I hear success stories and then failures too. Things do go wrong in Inking world and I don’t want to take risk BUT I so want to get inked 🙂 hehehee

This has been going on in my head since like 6-7 years for now, or maybe beyond. And every time someone posts his/her photo of being inked, I again start thinking about it. And then it goes on for few days and my mind gets tired of it all and drops the thinking and I forget all about it.

Then again someone shares his/her picture and my dilemma starts, sigh!

I’m very indecisive when it comes to matters like these. I’ve been thinking to straighten my hair for 10 years now and have not been able to decide till date!!!!! Similarly for hair coloring, I have been toying with this idea but haven’t got myself to do it, yet!

And you know what I know very very well that I’ll never do all these things yet my mind wanders and puts me in thinking spot, some exercise for the brain that 😉

Are you inked? Do you plan to get inked ?



Friday Fever!

Fridays are special to me, for obvious reasons but not because I don’t like Mondays. But because I love weekends 🙂

Friday for me means movies in theater. We watch movies every Friday night, well not every movie but almost all!

Friday for me means light and happy environment.

Friday for me is an early start to the weekend with peppy work environment, late night movie and lazying around from the next day 🙂

Friday for me means office casuals!

Friday for me means planning for weekend cooking, I love to cook and since I don’t cook the entire week, I indulge myself on Saturday and Sunday by cooking each and every meal 🙂

Friday for me means getting into the “doing nothing” phase for 2 whole days except cook and read and play with kids!

Friday for me means end of the week gone by and getting ready for the new week which is around the corner!

I love Fridays, it has an psychological effect on me, a happy effect 🙂

Do you love Fridays? Oh of course you must 🙂 Silly kestion!

No Post

Today I just don’t have anything to write, and for a change I’m not in the state where there’s so much to write but no time to write!

Is this a writer’s block ? No idea, whatever it is called, this for me is a No Post Syndrome!

Last Saturday, it was a Mamma-Daughter day out. We watched movie, went to book store and ate pani puri! The day was amazing. This was because Chirpy had earned her 100 points of goodness. She was very happy and I enjoyed my special time with her 🙂

So when we were at the book store, this time she not only chose books for her own but she chose for me too. I had couple of books shortlisted and I was taking a look at them when she pointed at one of them and said Mamma please buy this one, I like it!  I was amazed, I don’t know what was her basis of selecting that book but I was happy she made a choice out of my books.

Yes of course I bought the same book that she asked me to 🙂 And to my surprise, it is a good book. Look at the brilliant cover it has 🙂

Image result for it ends with us colleen hoover

My Love Affair…

with Dhaniya! Yes, I’ve a relationship with Coriander. I love it to the core. Can’t imagine cooking without it or food without spicy coriander chutney !

If there’s no coriander sprinkled on the dishes, I feel they are incomplete. They are left to look unbeautiful (couldn’t have said ugly!)

Adding coriander to your dishes is like completing the date with your lover with that last peck on the cheek 🙂

I love the dash of green that it adds to all the dishes, and it goes well with pretty much everything, every color food, creating a colorful symphony.

It tastes good.. the bite that you take, it tastes distinctively delicious other than the food that you are eating.

I pamper my Dhaniya  a lot. When it is brought home, pluck the leaves from the stems, rinse them, leave them to dry on a newspaper for a while and when they are slightly damp, put them in a air tight box lined with newspaper and close the lid, which is also lined with a newspaper. This way my Dhaniya remains beautiful, green, fresh and young for a longer time!

So you can imagine how much I love coriander, so much so that I’ve made a complete post of out it 😉

What’s your kitchen love? Which food item you literally pamper ?