R for Reading


Reading is something that came to me naturally. Those of who know me now, think I’ve been like this forever, an avid reader. Those of who know me from my childhood, can vouch that I was never ever inclined towards books for reading per say. So then how come these two impressions of the same person ?

In school, we had this designated ‘library period’ where in we were to read book/s in the library and also get one issued to read at home. God only knows how I felt in that one hour… It was like a torture for me to spend midst the books! On the other hand my friends really enjoyed that period and they drowned in the books of their choice. I always used to wonder what pleasure do they exactly get out of reading something? For me watching stories was a better choice or even better was to play games like kabbaddi, gend tadi, lagori and the likes.

By the way, I come from a family where my (maternal) grand parents are read-o-holics. They are people of Reader’s Digest, Daphne De Maurier, Jane Asuten etc. you can imagine the kind of books that we have at home (their home!).

Having such legendary readers in the family, I still never picked up reading. My parents too read a lot. But it never came to me or should I say they never passed it on to me?😉

So this ‘I don’t like reading’ continued the early school days. Not that I pledged I’ll never read or this is not my cup of tea. But I never gave it a thought is very appropriate. My parents never pressurized me too. That said, I did read comic editions like Chacha Chourdhary, Pinki, Billu, Channi Chachi etc. But not books, novels!

Then came this day, I was in 10th (I think so or 9th (?)!) something inside me pushed me to pick the novel that was kept at my father’s side table. I don’t know how but I just picked it up and started reading and to everyone’s amazement I kept on reading it without having felt the need of keeping the book down. Surprisingly, I finished the book and was zapped! Zapped at something that had just happened. I had read a book, non stop!

That was some experience! I still remember to have felt so so good to have read a book. It felt like I’ve been brought in the world of normals from the world where people were missing something really really beautiful!

The book that I read was Sydney Sheldon’s. I got hooked to his writing. And not only that I got hooked to the idea of reading, to have books around you, to get immersed in them and roam the world without traveling a bit! It was a fantastic feeling. My reading journey started and that was the moment I had realized why my grand parents have a library at home, whereas earlier I thought libraries are supposed to be at schools!

I start borrowing books from my grand parents and they were more than happy to lend me their prized collection! Just to add here, till date from all their grand children, I’m the only one who is a read-o-holic now, not like them maybe, but kind of them🙂 And they take so much pride in it, they tell my siblings and cousins to start reading be like Didi (me!)

Since then, I started collecting my own books, with a dream to have my own library at home too. And today, I’ve one however smaller it is, but it is there and growing!

So reading came late to me but it came naturally, without anyone really telling me to pick the book! I was never lectured of the benefits of reading or how books could be my best friends et al. I see lot of parents do this to coax their kids to love books! I think book loving really has to come naturally. One can only introduce books and to inculcate the reading habit, assist and be present with the kids. But beyond that, nothing more! If a child has to love it, it will anyhow.

Reading not only got me books but this reading habit got me to blogging too and today I’ve so many lovely blogs at my fingertips to read. My travels became more interesting with at least one book in the back pack. My waits in long queues or at restaurants became manageable for I had a book in my hand. I stopped feeling alone while I was using public transport to commute in Mumbai. Staying at home and let parents attend a relatives’ relative’s wedding was a boon🙂

I’m happy I read, I feel proud to be a reader🙂

H for Holiday Hacks

I know the alphabets start with letter A, but hey, who said I can’t start in the middle, randomly from anywhere?😉 So today is letter H day for me!


There are many thoughts that kept coming to my mind in last few months, regarding holidays and strings attached to it. Penning them down here, I would love you to add more such hacks to the list so that it is helpful for all of us🙂

#HolidayHack1 : Don’t just start shopping for clothes on the word Holiday! Check your wardrobe, 90% of the times you’ve all the necessary clothes/accessories for the holiday that you to take!

#HolidayHack2 : Keep a to-do / to-watch list handy with you for the places you are going. It is good to do some research on where to go and what to do and have a plan chalked out to save time when you are actually at the destination. Get insights from the resident friends, even better!

#HolidayHack3 : If you are a read-o-holic no matter wherever you go, pls arrange your books on your phone/kindle. I know reading physical books is an emotional need BUT traveling light is practically essential need!!

#HolidayHack4 : Go by the adage ‘when in Rome….’ Eat the local food and be merry! Don’t waste time on searching for back home’s delicacies and save yourself from disasters and hungry stomachs!

#HolidayHack5 : Always expect the unexpected, that’ll keep things in place and you excited🙂

#HolidayHack6 : Your holiday should be planned in a manner wherein you get a chance to soak in the aura of that place, feel every inch of it and grab things around in your memory basket…before being on the go! Feel the place and live in the moment!


Lettered Posts

I have seen lot of bloggers doing this and successfully at that. I also want to try my hands at this one and please myself and give myself a chance to believe that I can still write and have not forgotten the basic skills😉

I had not blogged for a year and it is so unlike me. I’ve been blogging for 9 years now and not writing a single post in an year is just too much to believe!

I want to start, the flair or putting all your thoughts in writing has somewhat faded a little in last one year. Life ran too fast and I kind of could not cope up with the speed, that’s what I can say!

This being my b’day month I want to gift myself the pledge of writing lettered posts. Everyday? Not sure but I want to do this A-Z thing!

He Has Arrived!

The environment is amazing, the smiles are evident and the fragrance in the air is not to be missed! It is the same time of every year when “Bappa” comes in glorifies our homes and hearts! I’m super happy to have him at our home.. there’s an aura around him and it keeps you upbeat and motivated, big time!

The kids are excited equally, even Sibby who is just 1 and doesn’t really get much of this whole thing, looks so excited and all giggly when he is around Him. Chirpy is involved in every little that I’m doing, the rituals and the likes. She wants to learn, she wants to contribute and that makes me do the happy jig🙂 I always wanted my kids to learn this ritual, feel it and enjoy it every moment. To respect it and to want it all the more, like we do! That said, we never wanted to impose things on them, so I secretly wished for my kids to like it on their own and here I’m, so far so good🙂 I’m sure the love for Bappa  and his home coming will only increase by age! Touch wood!

Here’s how this year we decorated to welcome Him🙂


Do you bring Ganesha at your home? Would love to see yours🙂 Happy Ganesh Chaturthi and happy times ahead!

That’s How Confusing I Can Get !

Life’s taken a new turn. Normally, I’m a person who loves to explore new things, move around and stay inquisitive about the unknown. But then, on the other hand I’m the one who dislikes change, I like to dwell in my comfort zone, something I’ve worked my way through and have set up the strings to suit the environment. I like known people, otherwise it takes me a little time to get to know them, for me to open up and be myself. So its genuine that once I’ve done so much of work in knowing the unknown and letting people in my life, I’ve to leave… and then be at a new place to start the same exercise from the step 0, that’s a little too much, no?

Well, but right now I’m at exactly that stage-I’m at a new place, settling down, knowing new people and working my way through! I’ve changed jobs. I’ve taken up something bigger, better and brighter, or so it seems right now🙂 Ok well, it is that! It was around 2-3 months of dilemma-tic debate in my mind about my thoughts and feelings that I decided to take this up. Even until the last day I was not sure if I did the right thing, to leave my past Co. and join a new one! Leave alone the last day, on the 2nd day at my new place I was like  “I think I’ve made a mistake, I’ve to go back to my old job”

So people, this is me, a little weird yet normal😉 Today’s 3rd at work and I’m as chirpy as a bird and excited to start work and I’m already thinking to be here for a long time! How confusing do I sound?🙂

Wish me luck, I’ve taken a bigger responsibility and the new people have lot of faith in me, I want to have the same faith in me to prove everyone right! I want to do good work and shine bright in whatever I do, I want to feel good about myself when I look back after a year and smile that I made the right decision of my career!

What’s up with you guys? Anything new that you must share? Bring it on…

Life’s Simple, Keep it that way!

So much happens in everyone’s life. No one is spared from the emotional brawl that one experiences in one’s life. So I’m not an exception too. However, after every such incidence in life, I learn to become stronger. I learn to not repeat the same mistakes, to not expect from people and to stay happy in what I chose to do and accept my decisions.

There are times when you feel low with what has happened in life, for sure. But then its you who has to pull yourself up from the situation and smile! To look forward and not cry on the spilt milk. That’s life is and it goes on, whatsoever!

Being sad and thinking too much about stuff is not good-for health and otherwise too. When you think too much, you basically spoil other relationships and are diverted from your core! When you think too much it spoils what you have in hand, at that moment. You miss the chance to enjoy the moment, the happiness that is in front of you but you miss to see it because your mind is somewhere else!

Be where you are at that moment and just take life in with both your hands. I have come to believe that life is very simple, gifted by god in a pure form, it is us who make it complicated. It is us who twist and turn it and then sit and cry that its broken or lost its shape, which is not fair to life. We shouldn’t blame it, right?

I always tell myself, keep smiling, stay happy and be positive. If you are happy, you’ll spread happiness, if you spread happiness you’ll get more happiness in turn. That’s what the rule is- what goes around, comes around!

Live life happily! Stay good, Stay you!

Dear Chirpy-High Five

Dear Daughter Chirpy,

2016 is an important year for us. One of the greatest things happened is you turned 5 this year! A mark in itself, of growing up, becoming Didi and understanding whole lot of things that we didn’t imagine that you can!

I think I should stop saying this, we can never imagine what all you can think or logically arrive as a conclusion at. You always surprise us, amaze us and make us proud with your wit, intelligence and comic streak! I love that you are a fun loving child and that you seldom feel low or sad and you are totally and completely indulged in happiness and living life!

That being said, you cry at the drop of the hat, my dear girl, you are very sensitive and feel deep for people and things around. I respect that, but at the same time I want to tell you to not be so emotional about things or people so much so that you feel weak! But then your Deda tells me to let you be, its not the right time to tell you big life lessons. We have our own debate going on this one, I think you should be guided on the right path right from the start and he thinks I should let you evolve as a person on your own.

So yes, he’s right but at the same time I feel I’m not wrong either. I don’t want you to be strong and sturdy at your heart, feel for right things and let other things go! While we are yet to arrive at the conclusion of our debate, we are just letting time take its own course.

Today when I see you as a big sister, my heart melts. Today you are exactly the same sister to Sibby that I had imagined-loving caring and protecting him. On the other hand, Sibby being a boy, he shows his boy genes and dominates you, sometimes bully’s you (of course he doesn’t know that he’s doing that😉 ) and we are NOT surprised to see that you never retaliate. You remain affectionate towards him and cuddle him more. Sibby, as right now we can gauge is a little moody. He is playful with you when he wants to and then there’s no limit to his love for you! He’ll shower you with sloppy kisses and even give you small bites as token of his love🙂 (Yeah, that’s how Sibby shows love to someone-by biting on cheeks!) We enjoy this sight, we love the way you two are growing up and especially when you are off to school Sibby is the one who feels most upset seeing his partner go away, its a sign, he loves you to bits dear didi!

Dear Chirpy, you are a lovely girl, sometimes a little naughtier but other times you are an angel🙂 Mamma keeps saying this all the time, but seriously, she means this to the core , She loves you a lot!

And to answer your question if I love you the most than anyone else, yes baby, I love you the most!

Yours Lovingly,