Getting inked has been on my mind since so many years now. I so want to get inked, with a little design on my ankle, but I have no guts to take this plunge.

I hear success stories and then failures too. Things do go wrong in Inking world and I don’t want to take risk BUT I so want to get inked 🙂 hehehee

This has been going on in my head since like 6-7 years for now, or maybe beyond. And every time someone posts his/her photo of being inked, I again start thinking about it. And then it goes on for few days and my mind gets tired of it all and drops the thinking and I forget all about it.

Then again someone shares his/her picture and my dilemma starts, sigh!

I’m very indecisive when it comes to matters like these. I’ve been thinking to straighten my hair for 10 years now and have not been able to decide till date!!!!! Similarly for hair coloring, I have been toying with this idea but haven’t got myself to do it, yet!

And you know what I know very very well that I’ll never do all these things yet my mind wanders and puts me in thinking spot, some exercise for the brain that 😉

Are you inked? Do you plan to get inked ?




Friday Fever!

Fridays are special to me, for obvious reasons but not because I don’t like Mondays. But because I love weekends 🙂

Friday for me means movies in theater. We watch movies every Friday night, well not every movie but almost all!

Friday for me means light and happy environment.

Friday for me is an early start to the weekend with peppy work environment, late night movie and lazying around from the next day 🙂

Friday for me means office casuals!

Friday for me means planning for weekend cooking, I love to cook and since I don’t cook the entire week, I indulge myself on Saturday and Sunday by cooking each and every meal 🙂

Friday for me means getting into the “doing nothing” phase for 2 whole days except cook and read and play with kids!

Friday for me means end of the week gone by and getting ready for the new week which is around the corner!

I love Fridays, it has an psychological effect on me, a happy effect 🙂

Do you love Fridays? Oh of course you must 🙂 Silly kestion!

No Post

Today I just don’t have anything to write, and for a change I’m not in the state where there’s so much to write but no time to write!

Is this a writer’s block ? No idea, whatever it is called, this for me is a No Post Syndrome!

Last Saturday, it was a Mamma-Daughter day out. We watched movie, went to book store and ate pani puri! The day was amazing. This was because Chirpy had earned her 100 points of goodness. She was very happy and I enjoyed my special time with her 🙂

So when we were at the book store, this time she not only chose books for her own but she chose for me too. I had couple of books shortlisted and I was taking a look at them when she pointed at one of them and said Mamma please buy this one, I like it!  I was amazed, I don’t know what was her basis of selecting that book but I was happy she made a choice out of my books.

Yes of course I bought the same book that she asked me to 🙂 And to my surprise, it is a good book. Look at the brilliant cover it has 🙂

Image result for it ends with us colleen hoover

My Love Affair…

with Dhaniya! Yes, I’ve a relationship with Coriander. I love it to the core. Can’t imagine cooking without it or food without spicy coriander chutney !

If there’s no coriander sprinkled on the dishes, I feel they are incomplete. They are left to look unbeautiful (couldn’t have said ugly!)

Adding coriander to your dishes is like completing the date with your lover with that last peck on the cheek 🙂

I love the dash of green that it adds to all the dishes, and it goes well with pretty much everything, every color food, creating a colorful symphony.

It tastes good.. the bite that you take, it tastes distinctively delicious other than the food that you are eating.

I pamper my Dhaniya  a lot. When it is brought home, pluck the leaves from the stems, rinse them, leave them to dry on a newspaper for a while and when they are slightly damp, put them in a air tight box lined with newspaper and close the lid, which is also lined with a newspaper. This way my Dhaniya remains beautiful, green, fresh and young for a longer time!

So you can imagine how much I love coriander, so much so that I’ve made a complete post of out it 😉

What’s your kitchen love? Which food item you literally pamper ?


Those were the days…

Don’t we often say this when we are reminiscing about the old times? And then we also tend to add, those were the “best” days !

I tend to disagree here, I’ll tell you why! The word ‘best’ makes it a disagreement for me. I think all days of our lives are best, if I may say so. Because if we would not have lived those days, these days won’t come and similarly if we don’t live these days to the fullest, our future days won’t come.

For example, today being Children’s Day, I got few forwards which stated “those where the best of our lives.. childhood” I think we can’t say that. These days where we grew up, learnt and starting earning money and status for ourselves are also the good days that have dawned upon us. That’s life, no? We move on, the time moves on our life progresses. If it had been only school days, we would have bored by now, in fact when we were in schools, we always wished to grow up, do things like grow nails, apply nail polishes, go to movies with friends only, celebrate b’days at restaurants, bunk college, not wear uniform etc. So I’m saying we did want to reach to the other stage and the stage thereafter in life.

Then now why do say those were the best days of our lives? Every day, every phase is best phase, if we make it that, I believe!

Life’s like that, we don’t want to be there where we are at that point and then look back or in the future and want to be there. Aren’t we confused? Aren’t we unfair to life, which takes us ahead in time and yet we claim to be happier in the past?

I would like to believe that if at all I was not in this phase of life, I would not have blogged, I would not earned my own money, I would not have made these friends that are there with keeping the old ones too, I would not have married and had such beautiful kids etc.

So I certainly love the times when I was at school, the friends that I had and the life we lived then, but then I’m thankful that I reached here in this time, alive, healthy and still going ahead in life to reach to next phase … getting older is a beautiful thing, for you mature, you grow up from yesterday and you learn more. Isn’t this lovely ?


Geographically Challenged

When it comes to unknown streets and new paths, I feel helpless and lost. I’m totally purely geographically challenged person on this earth!

I do remember roads to reach destinations but those are the ones I use regularly and are straight in line, I miss gali and pagdandis which seemingly are favorites of people that I’ve known. They call it short-cuts! Duh…

But really, I’m too much dependent on GPS services which I think is not very nice! Especially when I drive on my own, I should not get lost. Or even if I don’t drive, I should know which road I’m being driven on!

And the funny part is I don’t know how to try to get over this challenge. I mean, just how? So far I’ve managed to survive all my life without being a road expert, because I highly depend on GPS and people to guide me. I just hope I get the sense of roads quickly , its better no? Now a days, even Chirpy is like aware of all the roads, which actually makes me a little embarrassed 😉

Maine Pyar Kiya, literally!

The movie, Maine Pyar Kiya has been epic for me. It was released in the year 1989.. when I was not even 10 !

But this movie has a stuck with me for years and years now. I happened to watch it in my summer holidays and somehow the time was such that I got to watch it literally for 32 times in those holidays and then after I watched it again whenever it was featured on television, till date. I can’t explain what I liked about it or I can’t even tell if I love that move or not, cause for the records, I’m no fan of Sallu Bhai or the heroine-who was it? Oh Bhagyashree!

But the very fact that I watched it so many times and even today I watch it, mostly always, it becomes a movie to be discussed about. The dialogues are so much sunk in my brain cells that I can recite them line by line even when the movie is not relayed! I know all the pauses, all the punches and all the words of the dialogues. And they keep coming back to me at various moment in my life, sometimes with reasons and other times without reasons!

Just today when I was cooking, the scene where Alok Nath return from Dubai to fetch her daughter back, came to my mind. And instantly I said the dialogue (in my head!) “Daam chukaunga main tere five star hotel ka, jahan tune meri beti ko rakkha, use khilaya, use pilaya! Bol, kya hai yaha ke lodging charges, boarding charges…dus hazaar, 20 hazaar, 50 hazaar bol kishen kumar choudhary bol

Hahaha, its really really funny ya! Now you see there’s no connection in cooking and the movie, but I still get dialogue spasms from MPK 😀

By the way I have to tell you that those 32 times were a sneak peak because obviously watching movie and that too constant re-runs in that time and age was not allowed 🙂 We had that video tape at my nani‘s place which I played and replayed conspiring with my cousins! Bachpan Fun that was 🙂

This proves that I’m a movie buff from the younger stage of my life 🙂 Only difference is now I don’t have to sneak 😉

What’s your bachpan movie ? Any silly stuff that you did like this?

Things to Remember…

a go-to list for my own self, to not forget few things in life,ever!

  1. your mind and body need your time and attention
  2. life’s short, just live it to the fullest doing what you love to do
  3. never compromise on giving, give with your whole heart, what you want to give
  4. don’t expect returns on emotional investments
  5. work out, love your body, be a mindful eater
  6. read, that’s what you love
  7. get organized at personal level

Logic or Need

We all know that everyone thinks differently and has a background which is the base of someone’s thinking and decision making. People have had (bad) experiences based on which they take future decisions and alter their behavior or expectations.

All this is ok, agreed! When it comes to putting your point of view, have you come across some people who start with a normal (healthy) discussion and then seeing that they are losing their point OR unable to present it logically, supported with facts, they just for the “need” of winning, keep arguing, have you seen such people?

I do get irritated, appalled and entertained by such people. I mean debating is fine, presenting your point is ok but unnecessarily arguing for no reason at all is something that doesn’t go well with me. If you have your thoughts assembled and you have logic behind to speak about it, please do. But the moment you realize that your point is invalid and doesn’t hold ground, you should just let it go, or maybe research some more on your point and come back with better preparation, right?

I’m all ears for logical and healthy arguments (oh, wait! is that an oxymoron?) But don’t argue for the sake of winning, for anyhow proving that the other person (who actually has a logic) is wrong. That, in my view, spoils the game! It becomes dirty and things go haywire!

I just hope people would know, everything ain’t about winning!

Weak Or Strong?

I’ve a major confusion here. And a concern too. As far as I know myself, I’m a major emotional (fool!) and get attached to people who ‘claim’ that I’m their closes friend and they love me a lot and are so happy that I came into their lives etc. That said, not everyone in my life, like friends, are like this who only say all this but really mean too-its evident from their behavior and acts!

So the point here is, the moment I come into such zone with a friend/s I’m like totally impressed, get mushy and begin pouring all my love on them and start becoming available for them at once. And they love it too, but after a certain point what happens is my inside demon called ‘expectations’ starts showing its ugly face and haunts my thought process. I feel the way I show and speak out my love to my friends, they must reciprocate in the same manner and amount. They should show me that they feel for me and say it quite often-as I do and show from my behavior! And if things really happened that way, it would be an ideal world, right?

But only fact is, it is not! Having said this, I don’t mean to say  at all that my friends don’t care for me or are not bothered, but I very well understand that like I’ve my own way to do certain things, they have their own. Everyone after all is a different personality based on which one thinks, behaves and acts! And which is perfect, right?

My problem is that I expect and also when I feel that the emotions are not weighing equally or are not flowing in the same manner and amount, I assume that I should stop doing the way I do things. I start telling myself to not be myself, and that’s where the whole Am I right? Am I an emotional fool? debate starts in my head. And it moves on to I feeling weak and foolish about relationships. I’m in my second half of thirties and I think I’ve still not got it sorted out for myself, about the outer relationships saga and how to deal with them. I feel I’m still the same teenager who were confused about which path to take-left or right!

And while I’m kind of dwelling on this thought, the inner stronger and happier me tells me to just let it go and let people be. And it tells me to be strong and not feel low for such tiny things in life when I have better things to concentrate and invest time in.

So this weaker me gets a lecture from this stronger me and at the end of it all I’m all charged up and happy. But every debate and charge-up leaves me with questions-should I change? Can I alter my own person ? Can I stop being who am I? Do I think way too much than I should?

I’m constantly trying to figure out what kind of person should I become so that my mind will be at peace and I’ll not feel emotional or sad or unsorted. Or I should just alter my expectations from relationships and carry on the rest and be happy. I look other people around wherein they are so sorted out and clear about their life and people in them that I’ve never come across them talking about such things. They don’t get affected with what others think or say or feel AND if they feel in the same manner as them. Can I ever become that person ? Is becoming that tough?