End Of College

20th May 2007- a day filled with lots of excitement, fun, love and at the same time lot of sadness! how is it possible for a human being to be sad and happy at the same time?? But it is possible..possible when someone is heading towards a new life ans yet leaving behind his/her loved ones! that the moment when one can go crazy…

same happened with me! 20th may was my last college day and gosh! i could not take it then…all my class mates were filled with excitement beacuse there were no more exams..no more lecture attendance..no one standing on your head and asking u to study… we felt like a free bird!!! dancing singing and even shouting!! everyone running here and there for taking pictures with eachother šŸ™‚

but at the same time there was a moment when everything came to an end! no one was dancing anymore..no one was interested in singing…all were sad and sitting together…for the one reason that made us feel low..that its the last day of our college and we might not see eachother ever!!

it was terrible and tears rolled down our cheeks…everyone was crying and huggin eachother..remembering the fights an mini happenings which took place in the past 2 yrs šŸ™‚ the ‘how did we become frens’ stories were recaped and then on the note of ‘always keeping in touch and forgetting eacother’ we left for our homes.

now everyones on his/her path to achieve the dreams…to make them come true and the heart is filled with the sweet memories of how we spent at college, our ‘alma mater’!!!

it really brings vaccum to life when u suddnely realise that u are no more a student…though u have a new life waiting for u ahead….u still wanna turn back and live the moments again…make friends,fight, bunk lectures,go to movies,picnics and wat not!!

but take it or leave it lifes like that..we cannot hold fo rlong wat we have now…for if we don vacate our hands now we won be able to carry new things…and soon our life will become stagnant…hence nothing tastes good,when it is kept for long…so taking it in light spirit..i have decided to move with happy heart and all my friends in my messenger list to wish them ‘hi’ everyday when i start my day šŸ™‚


C'mon,out with it,right here :)

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