Currently: Thinking

Since long time i’m thinking about quick success and a brush of failure. Since long i’m thinking about how to serve everything on one plate and eat them all at the same time. How to increase my apetite. How to engulf everything that come my way. Since long time i’m thinking…. Then i think that i’m thinking too much. May be yeah !! 

Sudden departure of dearest family member leaves a mark on your life. A dent ! Unrepairable. Emotional ties are so impregnable. There are these unwanted departures and then there are these wanted deapartures. In both of the cases the one who goes is none other than the fanily member. Then why different reactions to both. Situations ! 

Situational reactions. How situation matters to our lives. How situation changes the way you think or decide. Even for a tiny thing situation is at the helm. 
So does that mean that Human beings are controlled by situations ? Aww..i’m repudiating my own dogma 😦

C'mon,out with it,right here :)

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