Mumbai: My new found Love,Aww !!!!

Its  a sunny day :). In Mumbai today, i feel i belong here.  When i look back i felt that i don’t belong here. When i came here i thought i should have never come in the first place. But today- I belong here !! 

My thoughts jumping several stops is an usual thing to happen to me. Me being addled by them is another very usual thing to happen. So when i feel flummoxed that means I’m normal today !

The city has different shades of Humans. You can find every which kind of people around you. Though its true in all cities. But Mumbai has something special stored within. There is this vivacity in the city. No one can stay untouched by it. You inescapably drown into the madness of Mumbai. The ruslte and bustle in the mornings. The soothing sea shores in the evening. The Sunsets, The jogger’s park, Vada Paav, Youngsters,Red Carriers (BEST),Autowallas,Floods, Walks,Traffic,24*7*365 digging of roads,Professionalism,Spas,Food lovers,Weekends,Celebrities,Grant Road,Murders,Footpaths,Flyovers,Local Trains, Clock-The most important machine , Marine Drives,Tata NCPA, Bomb Blasts,Social Commotion, Integrity, TAJ…..All this and more can only happen in MUMBAI

So rightly it has been composed by OP Nayyar


C'mon,out with it,right here :)

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