‘Anywhere but Home’-Movie Review

Pigeonholed as ‘A romantic comedy’. Reese and Vince have done a prodigious job in the 1 hour and 22 minutes time frame. Of course not to forget the hillacious direction of Seth Gordon. The star cast and the concept is not at all a mismatch. Thanks to PVR (juhu) that the movie was without break.

If you are married already, the movie in the start of it will make you think as to why are you married (yeah funnily). But by degrees with the flow of it you will sigh in relief and say that good that i’m married !!

Theres these families of Reese and Vince-Divorced Parents (that makes them visit 4 houses for christmas). Vince’s family,specially brothers,are too funny to laugh. A bit of here and there which could have been ignored in the movie. But thats what Seth must have thought is necessary ! The Director is the Boss, and boss is always right 🙂

Overall movie is but and can’t chip it as Must Watch. But could be seen if you are really wanting to take a break from the lull.
I for a moment really started thinking. It somewhere resembled my thoughts some years ago. May be then its the way teenagers think in the start of the relationship. How the environment in which we are in and the people around change the way we think altogether. Its kind of coaxing us to think in the direction others are doing. But for good or bad we need to decide.
Just heard hubby darling saying that he likes Reese cause she is elegant !! Yeah Reese acted very well though at points i felt that Vince did over act !


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