GULAL: Ponderously Loaded with @$%^&&**-Movie Review

Inadvertently i saw this movie yesterday. I did not think to watch it since its release. But something inside me kept telling me that i should go and watch it for KK’s performance. And yes, it was worth. Had not read any review about the movie (as if i read for each movie before watching ) and did not hear from anyone. Silence!! Usually in my gang I’m the one and only one who watch almost all movies and immediately next day of the releases. 

Experience with GULAL was threefold. I was addled,cogitative and numb. 

Addled because: Movie Plot
Cogitative because: Movie Plot
Numb because: Movie Plot

Yeah, the movie plot is multidimensional. It carries too many learning,triggers and question marks for the viewer to pause and imbue time on. It shows you the picture of student politics in the back drop of Rajasthan, though the film looses its essence towards moving to the end.

KK’s performance is worth watching. He is a preeminent actor and he should be called the King of acting and not only bollywood. The conviction in his eyes and the force of dialogue delivery impresses the viewer. Other cast performed equally good. 

Anurag kashyap- one of the great directors we have. Movies like Black Firday(debut), Satya and not to forget the latest Dev D :),Golden Leopard…  Movies nominated for prizes and got them too 🙂

Gulal, is a must watch for students,aam janta too. Politically loaded movie,but a good one !


3 thoughts on “GULAL: Ponderously Loaded with @$%^&&**-Movie Review

  1. Well KK might be good but calling him a king and all is too premature we have witnessed many great actors even in recent times so crowning of kk can wait as far as the plot is concerned it sounds very cliched

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