Crossword: The Enslavement !!

So many times i have told myself not to buy books. Oh that doesn’t mean that i want to circumscribe myself from buying books at all.Only limited point is my buying speed is faster than my reading speed!!!Every visit at crossword leaves me with at least 2 books bought while exiting ! And the frequency of visits is twice a month at least !!!!

Crossword store pulls you in and gets you engrossed in book selection. The music sporadically audible to ears and the required taciturnity creates an environment for the reader to stay there longer.. Finally when u have selected few writings and you just want to go through them..there are these cushy couches waiting for you !  The space created for readers.. specially the coffee shop with array of coffee and cookies (at Nirmal Lifestyle,Mulund)… its all so luring that you can’t help but visit the store and stay there till what it seems like eternity. Also its never enough of book doze. You want it more and more and more.

“Books are your best friends for life”. Had heard this time and again while i was kid. And at that time it felt like ‘Noways!! Human beings are friends for life’ !!

Its seems so true now. Today when i see my cupboard filled with different kinds of writings by several authors, i realise i have travelled so much without moving an inch with these books. I feel proud about myself. The hunger in me to read more gives me satisfaction of knowing that I’m sane 🙂 That I’m doing right thing in life. Importantly when i came to know that HP also has an inkling towards books, i was more than glad. We have also started creating a library which would be useful for our next generations. It gives me immense pleasure to do something like this which is going to help people around. 

I say: Books are the best gifts ! Books are your best friends! Books are your teachers! 


One thought on “Crossword: The Enslavement !!

  1. well guess you are right crossword really spares nothing when it comes to marketing gimmicks and yes books(open) are a great source of knowledge but books(closed) are a heap of trash

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