Blogging: Newest Wrinkle OR World Weariness

Realised that i have been on the blogger since 2 years now. Checked my posts and found that i have written so less. Or may be i had nothing to write all this while. The gap between posts has been huge. Sometimes 1 day= 3 posts and sometimes 30 days= 1 post.. 🙂

No actually thought about it heedfully and realised that i had many things going on in my mind past 1 week but could not jot down on this space. 

Sometimes because: It was boring !
at other times because: It was just not what i wanted to evince !

All in all i ended up not writing and thinking and munching on the thoughts within.

So why do we blog ? 
Why do we have to express what all we have in our mind ? 
Who invented the concept of blogging ? 
Does everybody blogs ? 
Is it worth blogging ? 
Is it fun blogging ? 
Should we blog ? 
What is a blog ?

Too many questions at the same time and not able to answer even one correctly ! Does that happens to everyone ? Huh, i guess its another track to blog… 😉

Was just wondering has it become a fashion these days to blog and publicize ? Hmmm.. yeah may be I’m one of them.. so did i publicize my blog ? Hahaha.. actually NO.. but i did not gridlock myself from telling people that i blog !

My experience with reference to blogging and publicising it is as follows: 

You taste the free rein of writing. 
There is lot of space and no one to stop you.
You can write whenever you want to and there is no culpability of adhering to the timelines.
It spruces up your vocab big time !

It feels good when you tell people that you (also) blog !
You feel great about belonging to the Blogger’s Class- [Blogger’s are intellectual kinds !!]
You like to let people know that you are (also) following the fashion.

So what say ? Continue Blogging and showcasing that you do, eh ?????


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