Me and Mumbai-The Ligature !

Fears. Confusions… Turbulence and a bit of happiness… actually a lot of excitement… Planning a lot for the future…. Lot of things getting listed down that I will do after an about 60 days from now…. Lot of things listed that I’ll miss (and the list is still going on). Finally… I’m talking about leaving Mumbai!! Finally talking sense… talking confusion… Talking fears… And loads of anxiety!!!  

Finally: Leaving this place… this part of earth which gave me shelter, bread-butter and loads of things to explore. Many things which i had only heard or seen (on screens, newspapers and books) but actually experienced when i am here. And the experience with the city is amazing…. 

Do I conclude that I’m attached to this city to the extent that I’ll miss being here? As a matter of fact I have lived in many cities throughout 29 years of my life. Yea, felt bad every time I moved to another city but never felt this connection. So why now? Why this connection suddenly seems to be so strong that I’m thinking about it and writing on it!! Is it to do with age factor? That I lived here in my late twenties and hence absorbed maturely what all came my way… may be… 

May be I learnt a lot here and hence I’m really wishing to stay for while… ha ha.. Well let me not get into this WHY thing anymore… What if this confusion takes a toll on me and makes me change my mind for a minute… This is really risky. Especially for a person like me who is too extemporaneous in acting at situations and taking decisions!!!  

Well I just thought what all I can put in one place if I have to  about what all I’m taking with me from here [ or whatever I lost ]… So here is what I got, learnt, lost and leaving behind in my 2 years of tenure in Mumbai- Large Town ( as someone keeps reminding me how large it is and how other smaller cities appear village in comparison to Mumbai )— LOLzzzzzz, I know you are smiling too 😉 !!!


Friends- Loads of new and found the old ones too



Lessons at work

Taste of corporate life

A good Boss… rather Bosses! [And yeah I mean it]

Great bonding with people around

To travel a lot [Almost every 5 days and that too by air often]

Lots of money [LOL… though have nothing to bank on]

Back my reading habit and time to read a lot

To meet many people… many!



Pushing into the crowd and find your way in / out [esp: Local Trains]

Standing in the queue and following it too!

Live life King… errs… The queen size way 😉

Drinking-[… drinking a lot of water because you have no option in Mumbai’s humidity]

Traveling into bus [yeah never had used this mode of transport for commuting ever]

Reading newspaper even while traveling and art of folding it J


How to stay alone and still enjoy!

How to go alone to the movies and to the cafes and to the malls.

How to think and ponder [ hahaha ]

How people with behemothic families live their lives on footpath- [and you see them smile]

How to live your life by an apparatus called tick tock!!!!

How even to meet you relatives you need to take an appointment.

How to be busy for 5 days and chillax in only 2 days!!

That I’m a stalwart people’s person and won’t be happy alone for too long [that’s how I decided to move back]

That at the end of the day family is everything

How to enter the house by opening a lock and not by using the door bell!


A (relationship with) Friend- [which is I guess had to happen even it wasn’t Mumbai]


Interest in cooking

Few old relationships turned rickety [because I could not nurture them in time]

2 years of married life [well it became a weekend married life]


Cool breeze at Marine Drive(s)-[someone recently corrected me that its not drives… poor me a small town lass- LOL]

A lot of mood swings and flow of emotions


My friends

My “Big cheese”- [courtesy: ]



Marine Drive(s)

Local Trains and BEST


My Office


Oh my Maid!! [She really worked well]

Traveling every 5 days

This list will go on and on till the last day…..

I’ve grown through these years. I’ve found myself in these two years. I’ve come to know myself as a human being and to communicate with my mind. Which I will cherish all life long.

From here when I start a new life I’m not sure where it will take me. But I’m sure it’s going to give me more to learn and to absorb and to loose!!

Why loose you say? Because if I’ll not loose I’ll never gain new things. I need to create a space for new things, dreams and people in my life!!!

I had mentioned in my earlier posts about Mumbai and its magic…I guess finally, I think the city has done its magic on me as well!!! 

Long Live Mumbai! I’ll always miss you!!

















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