Viewpoint or Dissection ?

Watched this movie yesterday: Dombivli Fast. [To give the introduction (if at all required)- 

Directed by- Nishikant Kamath. Starring- Sandeep Kulkarni and Shilpa Tulaskar]

Must say i was moved. But that has been done to me by lot of movies. All these directors who make movies on the lines of nepotism, social commotion, social responsibilities,youth turning out to be firefighters etc etc.. Do they also get moved to the extent they expect the aam janta to be moved ? Or their motive is to move aam janta  and make them like the movie to increase the BO results ?

No, no my post does not talk about the directors and their views and beliefs, though i started with these lines.. It talks about what i felt after watching the movie yesterday.

I have also felt the same when i watched Rang De Basanti.  But where did that feeling go ? Did it die after few days of watching the movie or Did it not get the required heat to burn and come out and hence sinked ? I honestly can’t answer the questions above. You ask why ? Well…..

I think yes, we are surrounded by graft all the time. And almost all of us are against it yet part of it. so what do we do to expunge it ? We surely talk to people around us about it and how fast its spreading. But did we ever talk about forming a task force and working on the problems if not for the country at least for our own society at the minimum ? May be some of us did… but what about rest of us ? 

Why can’t the spark work within us and make us rational citizens to fight against corruption ? In Dombivli Fast, Sandeep Kulkarni [named as Madhav Apte] has certain principles in life which he intends to follow no matter what. And he is doing that religiously till the day he finds himself stuck up between his principles and family [who wants to live a munificent life-read-rich life]. He has to choose one and yes he chooses principles,honesty and values ! 

But his ways of fighting with corruption are wrong. Wrong ? Or since he does not have any other way he chooses the only one which is available ?  So why does the aam janta not completely support him ? The same “yellow belly” syndrome ? Will we ever come out of it ?

There are so many things we need to change… so if a man-in-the-street starts alone he will die cleaning the country but the corruption will never ! That’s what the movie tells you !!

Education, Politics {obviously}, Movies, Construction, Services.. go wherever… the network of corruption follows.. [pun] 

My concern is are we ever going to be a [all sorts of] pollution free country ? Let’s start with “I”.. an important step towards changing.. ask this “I” whether its going to be the first one to start with… and we all will get answers to other questions which follow the first one !

Did this post create a spark, Huh ????? 


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