Relationships: Need or Entanglement ?

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “Relationship” ?? That its the basic bond that we humans share amongst each other? That its a need of human beings ? Or what ?

For me I’m unable to define the word as of yet ! May be yeah its the need.. or the entanglement…or if we go by dictionary meaning it is: an emotional or other connection between people.

You say why am i writing on relationships today ? Well, good questions actually ! Writing this since i have come across too many anecdotes about relationships breaking and forming recently.

I was chatting with this friend of mine yesterday and we discussed work place relationships. Spoke a lot about them and discussed our individual experiences at office. There are relationships which are so good that you feel so connected to people involved in that relation. And then there are relationships which turn sour and you regret life long as to why did it happen.

Had just got to know from a close Friend about her break-up with her spouse. Felt a pinch,a strong one ! What first came to my mind was: How could people do this ? How could they gather courage to break off a nuptial knot. How ?? But when the news slowly sinks in you realise that there must have been some strong reason for the couple to break-off. And before knowing it i just made a judgement about their capabilities to save the relationship ! How swift !

Learnt from another friend of mine that she broke of with her boy friend. Yeah, its sad. And this break off has made her go so low in life that she has forgotten how to enjoy life to the fullest. She is smart, intelligent, beautiful,single and self sufficient. Then why does she has to depend on a relationship to keep her motivated towards living life happily and find happiness in all Small things that life has to offer ? Is it the entanglement that has left marks on my friends heart ?

Then there is this friend of mine who is happily married and actually doing good with his wife. What makes their relationship click ? What makes them a happy couple ? Is it the need that makes them compromise equally and go on in the relation happily ?

There are friendships too ! And there are close friendships… commonly called as Best Friendships !! I remember when i was school friends,almost all of them were my best friends ! Ha 🙂 Actually is there any definition of Best Friend ? How do you decide who is your best friend and who is not ?

Does best friendship depend on communication only ? Does it fade with the time and geographical distance ? Does it depend on whats your status-rich,poor,average middle class ?

Have heard that: Siblings are given by GOD, Friends are chosen by us !! So true !!So GOD has given us an option to choose our friends at least ! Relaxation ?? 😉

Hey so what do we get to know then ? Relationships are of following categories:

Family (mother-father-siblings-relatives)
Boy / Girl Friends
Work Place

In my view all these relationships are important and needed in our lives !

If we give them a breathing space they will never become and entanglement. They will be your strength. Everyone in life needs his / her own little space that is essential ! We need to allow people take some time out of everything and spend it with themselves…may be this will work as a facilitator in building and strengthening all relationships.
We need not forget that we humans can’t live alone and at the same time can’t live with people all the time around. There are things we might have to change for some relationships. We must !Do kadam tum chalo, Do kadam hum chalein…

Have heard in movie-U Me aur Hum .. Jaroori yeh nahi ki tumhe kya accha lagta hai. Jaroori yeh hai ki tumhe jo accha lagta hai, use kya accha lagta hai !!

Its just about giving space, a little consideration and importance to our lived ones ! It works… even if there are little fights.. that’s okay.. i think a little friction is must !

Solution: Make two cups of coffee and talk to your loved one for a while ! I’m sure it will help !!!

You say does it work in my relationship ? Yeah, it does ! If not coffee all the time then i at least give some time to let it cool and go back to the person who is angry.. yeah it surely depends how important is the person. But hey, wait ! How should it matter ? Even if that person is not very close to you, its a relation right ? So why not try to save a relation ?I think Life it too short and there are few people who come in your life and you are happy with them being what they are.. so why not stick to it..why not save the relationship ? Why let it go just like that ?? Why loose ? THINK !!
Between me and hubby dearest. Its plain and simple. The ingredients are clear to us to make a great relationship and we both make sure we blend it in right proportion ! Well to share:

We keep adding the elements and dressing to the mix and here we are with a great relationship !!
Cheers Hubby, i know you are smiling !


7 thoughts on “Relationships: Need or Entanglement ?

  1. Well I will go with the dictionary meaning an emotional attachment but most of the times by choice and that to me is the key although your choice could go wrong but successful relationships can not be enforced on you. Trust and Respect help but the basic ingredient is the longing that an individual develops for another individual and how much is he/she willing to de-prioritize other things for the sake of relationships and still feel happy about it.As Jajeet Singh rightly puts it “Jeevan main Jo maza Dene main hai woh lene main nahi” Thats the Gurumantra for success even in a relationship how much can you give rather than expect out of a relationship. A very good thought though and I feel I can go on and on and I think everybody feels the same.

  2. Relationship is just a connection (physical or spiritual) between two objects (living or non living). For our convenience we have named this connection by different names to characterize the kind. Now everything (such as the base, strength, kind etc.) is in your mind and the color you see is the same as the goggle you choose. It is weak to expect things out of relationship whereas it is strong to give. There is no hard and fast rule about the kind of relationship which can be successful. It can be between weak-weak, strong-weak, strong-strong (though the relationship between strong-strong needs a lot more of maturity from all). You go into a relationship because you want happiness out of it and that is the basis of any relationship. If you do have any doubt about my statement, ask 5 whys and you will get the same answer (in some cases you might have to ask 7 whys). So people who break the relationship are the ones who either cannot give more or cannot take more. If in that case the relationship is carried out, without clearing the situation, it becomes compromise. And many .. many and many people have been living this compromise calling it a relationship. It is just that some compromises affect us less than the other ones. And the ones which affect us the most are the ones which break ..either silently or with a loud noise.:) Chat

  3. @Chat: Well i don’t completely agree with you since i feel you have generalized the meaning of relationship. However it is true to some extent but can’t be absolute for all the relationships in the world..Its relative 🙂 BTW would like to know about the 7 whys 😉 @HP: I agree with you on the point that along with Trust and Respect, belongingness is also the essential ingredient in the mix of relationship !

  4. I think who ever will read it..will smile for sure…:)But what if in an relation all the effort are made by one person …trying hard to save it , be happy with it and the other,knowing all the exertion made is just not hassle.. what if the essential ingredient is not able to or try to mix..!!Goss.!! I think i have to learn more about ‘Relationship’

  5. I think who ever will read it..will smile for sure…:)But what if in an relation all the effort are made by one person …trying hard to save it , be happy with it and the other,knowing all the exertion made is just not hassle.. what if the essential ingredient is not able to or try to mix..!!Goss.!! I think i have to learn more about ‘Relationship’

  6. Well written, Scribby. I hear about so many relationships breaking too, and sometimes it’s too hard to imagine why something like that would happen…It’s very true that space in any relationship is a key, without it you are bound to end it some day or the other…

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