Small City-Looming Destination-INDORE

The Economic Times (May 19,09) has a page full description of city Indore and how its becoming destination next.

Indore. My city, My hometown ! I have come across people here in Mumbai not knowing about Indore. When i came here in year 2007, people on hearing that I’m from Indore used to react somewhat like this: “Indore??? Whats that??? Which state??? Village or a city? ?? Err.. Never heard of it!”

I used to be awestruck with the fact that their GK is so poor that they don’t know about Madhya Pradesh and of course Indore- [it had already earned the title of Mini Mumbai then]. But now i have settled with the impression that Mumbaites don’t know nothing other than Mumbai ! For them any city other than Mumbai is a village. Even mini metros for that matter. For once, i would think “How domineering !” But then i guess its okay for them to think like that. Ask why, and I’ll tell you the reason ! I can say it now since i have experienced both the cities. Though i have spent only 2 years here in Mumbai which is very less as compared to my 6 years stint at Indore. Nevertheless, i can still relate to Mumbai ! I have already mentioned in my earlier posts that Mumbai does some magic on you that you get immersed in it. And after living here any other city appears out-of-the-way to you. You get so used to this fast life that other small cities appear to be lazy and slow.

Anyways, talking about Indore. My hometown. I feel happy to be a resident beacause I:
Studied here, Met HP here, Got married here,have my own house here and i have my family here !! Not enough to feel proud about living in Indore ? Okay let’s talk about some real time stats.
Well, I thought of posting lot of things here.. but then thought of simplest way to spill the details about Indore and that is

For people who haven’t gone out of Mumbai will always feel that there is no life elsewhere. One of my friend here was asking me about Indore one day..and we were normally talking about the climate,weather,what to buy etc. and then suddenly there this question in the conversation:

Friend- “So locals (trains) in Indore are also heavily crowded like here?”
I was like “What?” I understood and i told her that we don’t have locals at Indore.
And to this her reaction was: “What, then how do you people commute?”

This told me that Mumbaites can’t imagine life without Locals,BESTs and lots of Flyovers on the way !

Whereas life is simple in Indore [and the city of the likes]:
You drive / ride your own wheels.
You don’t have to worry if you are 5-10 mins late.[or even 15 mins late-you will still manage to reach destination just within time]
You don’t have to wait for long at traffic signals.
You don’t have to cross / pass flyovers every now and then.
You don’t have to punch-drunk with-East and West !
and there are many more things to add to the list of DON’Ts

But hey, There is lot of life in Indore. Lot of family ties, Close connections,Healthy relationships with neighbors, Greater work-life balance,Great food joints[Indorians are big time foodies!],Good work opportunities, Blah blah blah… :)))) So when you get all the basic things by giving in less efforts..”to kahi aur kyo rahein, Indore mein na rahe?”.. [tried to make it sound like the Nirma advertisement, LOL]

Well, i guess at the end its not only the city that matters..but there are other factors too which make you decide where to live and where to settle down in life ! So its relative and entirely situation dependant ! But I sympathize with people who can’t experience small city living !! 😉


4 thoughts on “Small City-Looming Destination-INDORE

  1. Absolutely great. Being an Indorian to core all that I can say is its the best place in the world….and yes even i have spent two years at mumbai so a comparison between the two cities is unfair….because Indore wins hands down…:)

  2. I remember , i also asked u abt Indore & got a pinch when u said there are no local (trains) , i question so hw u travel then,a silly one..!! till date wht i heard , saw was a small pleasure tour. 🙂

  3. As an indori, who has lived entire bachpan in indore and college life in bombay, I pretty much agree to your post. But bombay is very special to me too..

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