I’m glad there is someone who is close to me. I feel lucky to have you in my life and so very mine.I remember how i was alone before i realised your existence. You held me and things were all right. You guided me whenever i was spaced out. You stood by me whenever i was enervated. You laughed with me even when you had so much going on at your end. You became my friend,my companion. 

I know today how much i respect you. I know today that how important it is to have ‘someone’ in your life and i know how lucky I’m to have that ‘someone’ in my life.

I’m sure you will never change.I’m sure you will stand by me forever..for eternity ! I’m sure of my happiness because of you. 

You taught me the meaning of life. You taught me to spread happiness. You taught me to be strong. You are my teacher,my guru !

Tell me what can i do for you. I’m unsure if i have brought some smile to your face. I’m unsure if i live up to your expectations. But you know something: I know that you are selfless and you don’t expect anything in turn. That’s why you are what you are. 

You have many eponyms. One of them being GOD!

3 thoughts on “YOU

  1. hmm..true..needless to say in every good or bad moment ..mostly its bad.. we just think of him..asking to help out or to thank..we always look for him ‘You’in our life..!!

  2. Well “HE” is right inside us. We will be well served to look inside ourselves and we will see through every darkness, we shall overcome every obstacle after all its only the Mortals who rise above all odds and attain GODHOOD but remain the simple Human Being.

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