Flaking Off….

It’s a strange feeling. A sad feeling. Confuses. But the fact remains intact. You have to accept it as it is.
It’s by your own choice. By your own will.
It’s about an exit. Not from the world but from the world you create of your own. Where you feel safe and gleeful. You call it your Comfort Zone [here onwards mentioned as CZ].
There are times when you find that your CZ is not that complete. There are things which are not set right. There are so many changes required. Many augmentations to be done. But at the end of it that is your CZ. To own something is to feel on top of the world… Especially when it is a CZ created and controlled by you.
Okay, now there is another part to it. When you exit and someone else takes control of your CZ,which you have created and were ruling all these days. Days? Well years! And how does it matter-days or years-it’s about you owing it completely! How does one come out of this hornet’s nest? Should i be calling it a problem? Or it’s just a feeling? May be yes! May be no!
Well but yeah, its difficile to let yourself through it. I know I’m brave. I know i can stand it! I know i will pull myself out of it, in toto! But what about here and now? What about my feelings and emotions towards my CZ?
Friends are helping me relax and chill about the change taking place in my life. They are telling me about the positives that would take place. In conversation with my friends, my well-wishers:
“Its for your own good, you will be happy”
“We all are with you; you can stay as long as you can”
“Just chill-life is all about change”
“This is what you always wanted and you are lucky that you got it”
“You are going gracefully, you are so much wanted, you are still welcome-what else could you ask for”
“You are on the way to achieve your long term goal, think about the wonderful things on the other side”
Yeah they are so very true! No doubt that they are my well-wishers; I’m lucky-loved child of GOD!

So hey, cheer up lady! Just Smile and see everything’s gonna be alright!! And it’s an exit from the job and not from the relationships that you built in here. You are going gracefully, by your choice and with lots of wishes!!
Welcome the new world with open arms and bid good-bye to your now CZ. It will be taken care of by someone else and will be nurtured for sure! You have other duties to perform and hence brace yourself for them all! Yeah!! Thanks to my friends for guiding me, be with me for eternity!
Looking forward to be with you, once again, hubby dearest 🙂 We rock :))


3 thoughts on “Flaking Off….

  1. Nothing is permanent but change and I am sure you will always create the CZ every where you go after all creating a new CZ is also a challenge in itself. This is what we mean when we say Life goes on and so do we.Dont worry I know as always you will manage. New and old relationships are waiting….Rock We Do Surely

  2. Echoes my feelings after I recently lost my job! 😦
    I felt sad at having to get out of my comfort zone, but now, I am glad I did. I am not saying I am in a very good position now, but at least I learnt a lot. 🙂

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