An evening at Bandstand !

Clear skies, crowded street, sweet corns, CCD and Barista at the same plane [leaving behind their rivarly,amazing ?]jillions of kissing couples,waves hitting rocks,sunset,quiet evening, and me and my dear friend PA. Well the scene is from Bandstand,Bandra ! An evening spent with a close friend after a long time.
Me and my friend know eachother since 8 years now (yeah prerna, 8 long years). Have conventinally gone through the regular ups and downs of any relationship. Stood strong by eachother and evolved into what they call as best friends ! We meet eachother for several reasons. Some of them being: We are overwrought, We are happy,We feel outcasted,We have something to share,We have nothing to say,We want someone very close to be with us,We want to cry etc. But this evening we met, was for a different reason. She was bummed out because: I’m leaving and I was capsized because: I’m leaving !!! But nevertheless the reason, we met and spent a great evening together. Had a gala time and marked a day in our life to cherish till we exist !

Bandstand-Bandra.One of the hot spots of Mumbai for those who are in love and for those who are out of love !! You find so many couples roaming around (nah,actually sitting behind the rocks 😉 and there are these oldies also sitting at the edge of the sea looking at the sunset and the breathing in the cool breeze ! The entire envelope engulfs you in its semblance and makes you float on the surface ! It so happened to us as well. We tattled,we sang,we confabulated about relationships,the ALTO car and how to get out of it [a secret pun],the kissing couples, wedlock,being single,owning a penthouse at bandstand, and everything else under the sky ! And yes we relished the sweet corn and the cold drink and yeah the 3 odd cold coffees that we had at CCD !!!! It was indeed a lovely evening and we almost spent 3-4 hours without even noticing the watch even once. We had to get up since PA’s mom called up and checked if we reached home already, eh 😉 !!! It was then we realised that it’10.30 in the night and we ought to be at our respective places soon !!!!

PA, i want to tell you that you are my dear friend ! And don’t worry sweetheart, we are going to remain the same to eachother even after we grow old.. and hey we will meet at bandstand again at the age of 70 !!! 😉


7 thoughts on “An evening at Bandstand !

  1. Awww …sweet post !! On a side note I have read about bandstand in every mumbai blog almost !! Have to visit next time I am in Mumbai 🙂

  2. That was sooo sweet….!!Whenever I will feel like going to Bandstand..and if I am not able to go there…I will read this..

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