Ma please hunt a groom for me…

Not making fun, not laughing out loud at or not even passing sarcastic smile. Just posting the conversation to voice confusions and concerns about finding the best possible groom !

I was travelling in the BO F [for those who could not make it- Borivali Fast Local Train] on Sunday night towards Andheri. Usually i like standing at the gate and enjoy the breeze kissing my face and blowing my hair ! So i was at the gate and there was one more female standing near me. On call with her mother. Of course i don’t like listening to others’ conversation but trust me she was too loud for me to not hear it ! The mother’s dialogues are guessed listening to the replies from this side. Anyways so here’s the gab:

Girl: “Ya, mom i was busy in the morning.Could not call back”
Mother (Possibly) : “Are you on way?”
Girl: “Yes mom, in the local already. Should be reaching in half an hour”
Mother (Possibly) : “Did you see the snaps which i had send you?”
Girl: “Mom, i saw but they are not that good. I didn’t like any of them 😦 “
Mother (Possibly) : ” Did you visit matrimony website?”
Girl: “Yea mom, but you know these guys available on the website are not that good. Most of them are earning only 4 lpa or max 6 lpa. And those who are earning good money are of 30-32 years of age.”
Mother (Possibly) : “hmmm…… “
Girl: “and moreover we don’t know these guys. I mean there is no clue how they are and what is the background. The website does not give a clear picture. Its chancy.”
Mother (Possibly) : “hmmm…… “
Girl: “Mom, can’t we find someone in our own network. Someone who is known to our relatives may be ?”

And the conversation continued but i had to get down at Andheri and hence the link was broken 😦 On the way home from station i was thinking about that girl and about all the girls like her. It really made me think about the fear & jitter a girl would be going through while taking a step towards arrange marriage. So do i say that I’m lucky to have got the chance to select my life partner ? That i had a love marriage ? That all couples who marry post love are luckiest ?
So does that mean that arrange marriages don’t succeed or are not the surest way to get happy life ? But does Love Marriage come with a guarantee of free and happy life ? Well that’s another topic to write on 😉

I really sympathise with this girl and all the likes. The concerns are correct. And I’m sure a set of concerns would be at guy’s side as well. I know theres not much we can do about it. Marriages are made in heaven, and we gotta believe it [any other option / caption ?]


7 thoughts on “Ma please hunt a groom for me…

  1. Well nothing is guaranteed in either type of marriage and yes marriages are made in heaven but never forget they actualize here on this very earth so a bit of scepticism a bit of anxiety a bit of nervousness is all good if at the end of the day you are satisfied. But love marriages are equally risky if i may use that term. Finally when do you start to love your partner before or after marriage is immaterial what matters is how long you keep on loving him as love is timeless.

  2. My parents want me to go thru the arranged marriage thing and I’ve been successful so far in saying no to them…but don’t know how much longer they are gonna listen :-(.

  3. Totally agree with you..!!I also believe that one of the most important things which make up ANY relationship is ‘Trust’.Whether love marriage or an arranged one, it becomes successful only when both involved in it have faith and trust on each other. I liked the conversation part…

  4. The timing of your post is so co-incidental. Arranged marriages I feel are losing their appeal, at least among urban Indians. I’m launching a venture/site very soon to hopefully help address this exact problem that most young, urban Indian guys and girls face :)Stay tuned!-Vineet

  5. Well at first sight I find it as the typical case of the million dollar question – What women wants? I mean the girl has options of couple of gud guys but with small package and heavy package guys are old for her..anyways there is no limit for expectations!! ‘Marriage is a social institution’ this is wat we hear from our elders and people who are married. Marriage comes with loads of responsibilities and compromises. I feel responsibilities and compromises comes with every relationship under the huge blue sky but the factor which differentiates is the intensity and your commitment towards that relationship. As HP said be it Love or Arranged marriage, finally it jots down to how much you love the other person and obviously how long!! I totally agree to this but with a different perspective. Probably a person may love the other for a very very long time lets say till the last breath but couldn’t or didn’t knew how to express it and this is a very common scenario. But for others they loose the fire in the relationship but there is one moment where they say it all in simpler way and stays for a very long time. For instance do you ever remember your parents saying I Love You to each other?? I don’t think so but they are together, bonded and happy with each other for life long..thanks to these small moments!!Well it depends on an individual how they look at this social institution and how do they plan to make it a success be it Love or Arranged!! Best wishes for loads of love for ppl who are in this institution and ppl entering it and hope you would revert me with same wishes too.. 🙂

  6. it would be a big plus knowing a guy/girl before one actually takes the plunge, but this said, all marriages love or arranged need a lot of work from both parties to keep them going at the pace they started off at.

  7. @AJCL: Very rightly said..But you know that we are into a relationship we can understand the dynamics.. so one has to be in it to experience and work out the challenges and enjoy the fruits of it.. so risking it must !

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