Today without you….

……I’m feeling impuissant. I’m feeling comfortless.I’m missing you to the core. I think i need you very much by my side. I want to be held by you, now. I want you to look into my eyes and say sweet nothings.. I want you to be near me so that i can tell you how much do i love you. How much do i need you. How important you are to me. I want to tell you today, that “Tumse hi din hota hai, Surmayi shaam aati hai, Tumse hi..”
I know I’m sounding very mushy and like a teenager. Like the one who has fallen in love few days back. Like they say “Pehla Pehla Pyarr Hai”… But isn’t it the same with us sweetheart ? Its like yesterday. That we saw,met and fell in love ! That we made so many promises to each other. That we decided we will spend our entire life with each other. And that today we have completed 4 years of our commitments. 4 years of togetherness. 4 years of marriage ! It still feels like yesterday.. 2005 !!! In all these years, you held me whenever i fell. I always found you beside me when i looked at my side. I want you to stay the way you are. Grievously, we are not together today. But hubby dearest, i want to tell you that I’m always with you like in “Tu jahan jahan Chalega, Mera Saya Saath hoga..”
Adventitiously, In the morning when i switched on the Idiot Box (which turned out to be the sweet messenger for me today), there were these romantic songs going on for almost an hour. I felt like they are being played only for us. Dedicated to our love. Few of them being:
Chura liya hai tumne jo dil ko…”
“Humne Tumko dekha, Tumne humko dekha..”
“Hum Tumhe chahte hain aise…”
HP, i feel blessed that i’m your wife. That you are my life partner. That you are going to father my kids… That i’m MRS.HP :))) Gee Geee….
Happy 4th Anniversary to you,I love you loads !!!
*Tnx to bollywood songs… its so easy to communicate your feelings through them !


2 thoughts on “Today without you….

  1. Could not post this on your latest one…some tech problem i guess….????? What is this all about ? Did i not read it properly or the core matter is missing in the writing ??? By the way tnx for your wishes !

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