Dil Chahta Hai…

Yesterday was a typical frenzied day. I reached home around 9ish and i thought i need to see some good flick-given that I’m reading 2 books concurrently and didn’t want to stress my eyes and mind yesterday-so a movie was a must ! Well i have my pet movies on my laptop… but 😦 my laptop is not with me for a while !! So the only option i had was to surf the television. So i crossed my fingers and switched it on. And to my surprise the first movie channel I logged into was playing the titles of the movie DCH. Yeah, DCH ! Our own DCH ! Of course it was the best option for my situation yesterday ! I did not surf other channels and got glued to DCH.

Well, Well ! Dil Chahta Hai is no doubt an amazing movie,for the young janta and for not so young janta. It peps you up and takes you back to your college days, your friendship days-basically to FUN days ! The fledglings who are reading this would definitely agree to what I’m writing. And all others too….

DCH talks about this trio who are buddies to the core. It also tells you what happens when you cross the line in a relationship. Where to put a full stop and where to put commas. It gives you an insight about fun times and where you need to be serious in life.

Well, it really teaches you a lot. Yes, i think all movies teach you something or the other. It depends on how you perceive that flick. For me i saw DCH i think for the 10th time yesterday. It suggested different way to look at the situations presented in the movie. I loved it again yesterday and my evening was made. I thank you Mr. Cable for listening to my secret wish and play the good old movie for me.

I think i should keep secretly wishing every evening and keep my fingers crossed so that Mr.Cable will keep playing good flicks every night !

[pic source: google]


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