Deceptive Marking: Really necessary ?

How do you think you can change your ideas and values and principles ? Or for what and how often you can do this? And why on earth do you have to do it ? Why oh why ?

I came across situations off late which told me that yes you have to hide your true feelings and be politically correct. But how do you be blunt ? I mean can someone tell me how to be dishonest with yourself ?

Why you have to change your views and opinions about something is because of your position, because someone else’s position,because of the situation, and many things of the likes.

Then when we are kids and we are told by elders to be honest and on top of that,to not let us forget this, our school text books have this chapter in Moral science subject:”Honesty is the best policy”… So why all this ?

Is this drama or what we do when we grow up is drama ? We tag it under “Karna padta hai-have to do” But do we ever question why do we have to lie or cheat on your own feelings ?

On the after thought i guess, may be that’s the way world is going around. Because as they say if everything falls in place and in the right manner then there will be no importance of Goodness and well being. Everything will be mundane and no space for better tomorrows and all that.

So what am i saying ? Oh, did you just noticed that I’m doing kind of same thing ?


C'mon,out with it,right here :)

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