R A G T I M E….

Was thinking since long. Quiet long. About ? Well, was thinking what is one thing which is common between everyone on this planet earth ? So kept thinking and observing. Finally came to a conclusion that MUSIC is the one thing which connects the people globally. And its the one common thing which people across countries love and would never do without ! 

Music,any genre,is liked by poor,rich,middle- class,angrez,hindi,muslim,desi,videsi,oldies,fledglings,mothers,fathers, and all the living things on earth.

How music really hleps you come out of your heart break or it helps you express your feelings to your loved ones. Its helps you exercise, relax and it goes well with work as well. 

Typically in my case i realised i’m glued to the ear phones the moment i step out of the house in the morning for morning walk and then on the way to office. Sometimes entire day in office. While returning home and yes while travelling outstation. Even when at home, if the music is on it really helps me to do the house chores with concentration and with perfection. Music never lets me think that i’m working too hard.. Its makes the hard work easy ! 

2 thoughts on “R A G T I M E….

  1. wow. you made me pull out my ipod, and put it in to my office bag : )i used to love listening to music on my way to work. then i put my ipod in another bag…and the music stopped. thank you, for reminding me.

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