Due to Apostasy-2nd time :(

Chopping off hair from the head ! Well why writing on this ? Hmm.. it has become a special task for me off late.

December 2008– Got my hair cut from a reputed parlor in Mumbai. Hated it like anything and my hair were all upside down. Trust me i was looking like just out of the zoo. Could not believe that such a reputation can play a trick on me. Anyways, somehow managed to get them back to normal-with lots of efforts actually. So when you reach your work place there are people who are waiting for you so that they can check you from top to bottom and then analyse your looks,clothes and accessories. It happened with me as well. Here’s what colleagues had to say :
Hey different look ya
Don’t you think its a little unshapely
May be you need some hair straightening
Hey you didn’t brush your hair today?…..

Then as people were getting on my nerves by saying all this day in day out and actually not letting me get out of this trauma,i decided. I decided I’ll get my hair straightened. But one of the good friends suggested i should get ironing done so that i can check whether it suits me. It clicked me and i went to the not-so-famous parlor in the locality-(which I’m telling you, turned out to be much reasonable on service and prices as well) So the humble lady-Didi-in the parlor did iron my hair and wow !! I was looking good..hey no really, it suited me perfectly ! Next day in office and the same janta came and complimented me on my temporary new look. So i decided I’ll straighten my hair permanently ! Hmm… well, i was about to hit the not-so-famous parlor again and there goes one of my school friends. (PPD if your are reading this you know what i mean) She said “no but your tresses are so nice and i feel jealous to not have this kinda hair” Haaa… now that was a catch. My female ego shot up too high to put me in a confusion-to straighten the hair or not(????)The brooding went on till Feb 2009.

February 2009– I went to my same old BELLEZA-the so very famous loreal certified parlor in Indore. My fav hairstylist met me and before i could say something he guessed somethings wrong with my hair. He knew what i wanted and we were on the mission to repair my bad hair cut. And i was not at all tensed since i was at the right place and with the right repairer ! (this ones to you Z-you are the best hairstylist) 15 mins from there and voila !! Z was done repairing my hair and they looked fab ! Great ! Came back to Mumbai and work ! Again the same process of people looking at you and noticing things. They did it again to me and this time the comments were very very positive ! I praised Z and did some publicity for him πŸ˜‰ While i was smiling and feeling good about my new hair cut-a great hair cut- i learnt 2 lessons as well.
Lesson 1-Not to change your loyalties in case of hair salons and hair stylists !
Lesson 2-Not to go by name-read:brand-after all names not the guarantee !

June 2009– Oops, i did it again !!! (tnx Britney to have coined this line) Well, yes if you have already guessed it- I did go to another branded parlor 3 days back and it hit me again ! On my face and harder this time. So even after learning my lessons few months back i could not realise the the depth of ‘can of worms’ !!! And today here I’m-brooding all over again- with the idea of getting my hair straightened !!!

So back to where i had started this sad long journey in Dec ’08 !!! How sad is that folks 😦

14 thoughts on “Due to Apostasy-2nd time :(

  1. aww, that's bad…i go in for hair cuts without expecting much…and so no disappointments…doesn't matter whatever comes out..haha..

  2. LOL @ ur experiences…I firmly believe in ppl and brands dont work for me. And I dont go for a haircut, unless I see a few cuts done by them. πŸ™‚

  3. well being a male i have a perfect way of solving the bad haircut, I gave in to this gossip going on in our office, a new trendy salon had opened in the same building as my office, WOW i said , easy lunch time get it sorted no getting up early on weekend to go for the haircut

    BUT God knows what the lady did , I had lovely heavy long hair, and i said short as i said to my DESI barber in birmingham, she buggered them so bad… But I had a idea I went home and SHAVED off my hair .. became completely bald yayyyyyyyyyy

    problem solved πŸ™‚

    all the best to you in solving yours he he heeheh
    and yes nice idea i will also try putting my old articles toooo

    1. LOL Bik…hahah but buds this strategy is not going to work with me and thank god I don’t have to look for any correction to my hair cut πŸ™‚

      haha though it wasn’t meant to put my old articles for you people to read but it worked well πŸ˜‰ The question still remains though..to straighten hair or not !

      1. Well how about you get them straight again, see how that goes for a few weeks , then change and see how that goes…

        keep a tab how many people say wow and how many dont .. then compare whatever got more WOW’s is what you get done…

        thats one way .. the other is to hell with everyone look in the mirror who do you like more i mean which style you like more and go for it ..

        people will always say something KUCH to log kahenge , logon ka KAAM hai kehna πŸ™‚
        you cant please everyone πŸ™‚

        1. you’re right Bik..but it’s not about what will people say about my hair or looks..it’s about whether it’s safe and nice to go for straightening or not ! Getting me ?

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