Gen Z or me oldie ?

Just had a chat with my younger sis-MN. We were talking about our other cousin who just got married. To my surprise, MN has really grown up to talk like a big girl,you see. She was talking about all mushy and naughty experiences post marriage. Gosh, she has become so bold and naughty ! Or do i need to wake up and see that its long after MN was a kid ? Or this is Gen Y effect takin over her ? Not that i was not enjoying the chat we had..of ocurse it was typical girlie stuff that we were discussing.. But i was really surprised ! May be because MN is still a kid for me…

Going to the past when i was a kid (by the way what is the definition of KID today? Whats the specfic age group we are talking these days as kids?) I dont remember talking about all the tiny details that a newly married couple goes through.. not that i had no elder sister to share all this..not that i was dumb…err wait.. is that what i’m going to hit ? That earlier the generation was not some X or Y but simple normal kids who did not have access to the internet / TV / and the works ? Who used to play in the playgrounds and not on the screen ? So where are we headed ? Where is our next gen headed ? Does it scare people who are parents to next gen already ? Does it scare me ? Ummm… well, yeah if i really think going forward.. i would be scared when my kids start understanding things around…

By the way MN, not to worry ! I’m just being a typical elder sister ! I know you are a grown up and you can indulge in these girlie gossips πŸ˜‰ Have fun sweetheart, But carefully (ha,the elder sis talking again !)


6 thoughts on “Gen Z or me oldie ?

  1. hey for that tag – just copy those 30 questions and give your own answers and post it on the blog…nothing else..

  2. Hey i thought the same. But i checked with you thinking there might be some other process… Anyways, i have done the it ?And tnx for the compliment πŸ™‚

  3. Ah, Gen Z is like an alien generation. And I work with them (what was I thinking!) Jokes aside, I think Gen X and Y had time to be kids and the opportunity. These days kids are much more sheltered and also have more with computers and telly and there's probably very few that actually have fun playing out in the open or riding their bikes and the like. And now I am sounding old!

  4. Ah, the Generation Gap. Every time I say that, I feel like I am sooooo old. I've been thinking about writing a blog post about it for quite some time as well because there are so many things that are different about the current generation and I'm pretty sure I don't like most of it ;)Btw, I love the brightness of your blog. Orange is one of my favourite colours.

  5. @Legal Alien: Tnx for dropping by and the compliments. Keep visiting πŸ™‚ Well i too don't like most of the stuff the current generation do or at least i have someone who belongs to my Gen Zero :))))

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