And i’m glad that i read….

Just finished another book by Shashi Deshpande-an august Indian author.

It is In the Country of Deceit. The first one that i read was The dark holds no terrors.

I can’t express, what i feel about her writing,in words. But I’m still giving it a try. No, no ! Its not going to be a book review post. I could not help but write about the author and not the book.

Shashi Deshpande- of course i don’t know her personally but whatever i have read about her really speaks volumes of the kind of person she must be. I was astonished to read about her education history. She is a learned human being and adds a feather in our Indian cap of pride ! I read two books by her as of now and i have become a fan of her writings. I wish i could read all of them pretty soon.

Few days back i read on some other blogs about Indian Authors and their writings. And the blog authors totally expressed my views. Indian authors are really really good. And the myth, that people generally carry, that Indian authors writing in English won’t be that great, is nothing but a MYTH !

In my view what matters is the thoughts processing and they way it is put together in words. Also important is the control on the language. And for Shashi, the control on language is awesome ! Incredible !! She has a great way of putting her thoughts and the characters’ feelings into the right words and in the right flow.

I wonder where does she really get these ideas of writing on a theme. Whether she has gone through these in her life or she has seen someone go through all this. Or whatever.. But it really amazes the reader as to how accurate she can be in putting down the exact feelings of someone who has actually experienced all of it or some of it ! For me, i could easily relate to somethings that she has mentioned in her novels that i have read. Not that the entire story was like of mine. But there are many instances that really take me down to the memory lane ! And thats not all.. you get to learn so much from her books..about life and relationships,about hurt and happiness..about all what human beings experience !

And I’m very sure that the other readers who read her writings will agree with me big time ! Shashi Deshpande is one of the great Indian authors that we have and we can take pride in recommending her books to people outside India 🙂

I do the same ! Read the books,if you have not already, and you will know what do i mean !


C'mon,out with it,right here :)

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