Countdown starts…Waiting ends…..

So finally the waiting is coming to an end ! How does it feel when the waiting ends ? For me its going to be an amazing experience. A new life and new future. With all that fear about tiny things creeping in, I’m yet excited about the change taking place in my life ! You say why these mixed feelings where I’m excited as well as fearful ? Well, because I’m at this very important juncture of life where i need to be calm and patient. To understand and make space for new things. To be more accommodating and forgiving. So when i have to make this all happen I’ll be a little worried about whether all will go well or not? Whether I’ll be able to cope-up with this new life or not ? Hence all these mixed feelings (!!)

New life ? What is it all about ? Why am i taking it to the top and crying out time and again about it ? What is new ? I’ll be at my own place, my own people and my own life ! So why, why this ‘change’ discussion and all that ? A friend said a day back: Its about our thinking that makes us react in a given manner. So if i don’t think like that and don’t be tensed it will be perfectly fine,isn’t it ? But you see, it’s human behaviour. And that can’t change LOL. Knowing everything, you still follow the same old habit ! The trends šŸ™‚

Anyways, its entirely different to feel that your waiting is nearing the end ! That you no more have to wait. That you are out of the waiting room… that you are reaching the destination soon…that life is going to be steady and smooth again !

Picture this:
You are waiting to board a train and train is about to arrive.But then the loudspeaker starts buzzing that the train is 1/2 an hour late. You feel a bit sad but you are okay to wait since you have a book to accompany you. Then it is announced that the train is 2 hours late. Gaawwd ! You become restless. Think what will you do. Anyways you still manage to keep your cool since you have your laptop and thankfully an A/c waiting room to be in. And now that the clock is going to finish those 2 hours you suddenly hear the announcement that the train is another 5 hours late. What the F, you think !!! Book read. Written 2-3 posts.Chatted with friends and family. Ate and drank almost everything that was available on the platform. Now what? What are you supposed to do next ? You feel like killing someone.. you want to make mincemeat of the loudspeaker.. you want to want to ….. (i leave it to your imagination) Hahaha…
Okay to turn all this into a happy ending… you finally come to know that the train will be at the platform within 30 mins. And you are ready to board it. Now what is your state ? Think. Imagine.

Got it ? So here I’m with the same feeling. where i know for sure that the waiting is going to end in a short while šŸ™‚ I might as well thank GOD for being there in the time when i was going through ups and downs of life while waiting for this very moment… I’m lucky to have been blessed by HIM !


4 thoughts on “Countdown starts…Waiting ends…..

  1. i know exactly what you are talking about…i really do !hope your wait ends and the new journey beings the way you had always hoped for…good luck, sweetie!

  2. Ersa, tnx a ton for your wishes dearie šŸ™‚ I'm glad that you understand without even naming or defining it šŸ™‚ Blog friends are for that !! Cheers for our connection !

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