Mea Culpa…

What happens when you are living your life with full zeal and then you don’t think about what is wrong or what is not being attended by you…that you are living in your own world..that you think what matters to you is your own happiness….and suddenly you realise that there is someone who needs your attention… may be that someone needed your attention since long and you were too busy to even realise it ! It’s sad and you feel dejected..because of your own deed. Because of you !

So what do you do when you are sad because of youself ? When someone else makes us sad how do we react to the situation ? May be we scream,shout,get angry,get mad at the person,cry,curse or may be just turn your back on the person who did it to you…

But now what is the solution ? When the culprit is you ?


3 thoughts on “Mea Culpa…

  1. I will apologise for answering through the views of a psychologist. Basically, I abide by the theory of cognitive psychology or rational-emotive therapy that "it is the way you think about a situation that makes you feel a certain way". By this, it is always we who make ourselves feel sad, angry, anxious, guilty etc. No one can make us feel a certain way. If we can challenge our thinking or accept our thinking, we are more likely to change the way we feel. And that, to me is the solution. Having said that, it takes practice and I slip into old habits myself! 🙂

  2. @PB: Yeah, that true ! Its only we who do it ourselves. I think i need to practice this thought :)@Blue Mist: Yeah i think i have a second chance so i should buck up, Tnx for hoping for the best ! Keep visiting 🙂

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