So these are the changes i’ll opt for

What would i like to change if I’m born again ? Asked one friend and it made me really think that what if i really get a chance to do so.. What will i do with my life. At first i thought why would i want to change what all has already been done and dusted.? But then when i really gave it a thought i honestly felt that i would change somethings if i really really am able to ! Tried to list few of them here… don’t know whether they make sense.. but may be these would tell me to do right things NOW whenever i read them going forward.

Okay now its a tag. I’ll list 15 things that i would want to change from my past and in me.

1. My emotional nature. I don’t want to be too much emotional about relationships and things around. I end up being sad and hurt myself.

2. I don’t want to regret. I want to take away all the regret out of my life. Once done is done and i want to move on in life.

3. I want to change my hair. They are so fragile. I want them to be thick but with the same color-Brown. though some people,girls and boys, love my hair and are J of it.

4. I want to change my behavior with my brother in our childhood days. Yea, i was pretty unfair to him all the while since all my friends had sisters and i too wanted one.

5. I want to change some decisions that i took for my friends. Which turned out to be real hole digger for myself, and i actually fell,and my friends ? They of course skipped it wisely !

6. I want to change the time from 1992-2000 in my life. It was too bad to even describe. But yeah there were some beautiful things that happened as well. Barring them i would want to change everything !

7. I would want to change my decision regarding my first crush / love in the year 1998. But I’m not unhappy about what happened later. I’m lucky to have got second chance in love 🙂

8. I want to change my plumpness through 2001 till now. I’m trying but all in vain :((((

9. I want to change my decision to opt for Science graduation instead of Architecture / Interior Designing. I’m very creative and good at designing, trust me !

10. I want to change a person in my life. Actually two. They are very important to me but a little change here and there and they are the fab people on earth !

11. I want to change my attitude towards expenditure. Yea, Yea I’m totally a squanderer..which sometimes makes me empty pocket :((( But hey, Hubby hai na ;))

12. I want to change my height. Some more inches and I’m off to the modelling world, LOL… No actually exactly 7 inches to reach hubby dearest level 😉 He being 6.2 !!!

13. I want to change my snappiness behavior. It really hurts people around and me too.And most of the time it is not intentional, trust me people !

14. I want to change the time when i stopped dancing and playing Badminton. I mean stopped pursuing Bharatnattyam and playing badminton !

15. I want to change the year of my birth !!!! 😉

Haaaa, sigh ! I tag Ersa and Psych Babbler. Also whosoever reads this and want to take it ahead…please do it folks 🙂


5 thoughts on “So these are the changes i’ll opt for

  1. Oh thanks for the tag. Only just saw it. It's going to be hard because I don't know if I want to change anything…apart from my weight! I believe that all the things that happened to me over the years have made me the person I am today. I'll still try the tag though. 🙂

  2. @PB: I know its really tough to even think that is there anything to change… but when you really get at it..its great :)) FUN ! Waiting to read yours 🙂

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