But WHY (???????)

Tired. Upset. And all that ! Well a long day at work and a bit upsetting. Umm..well not exactly upsetting but a little bit disturbing. So, there are times when this happens. When you expect something and it doesn’t turn out to be like the way it should be. So what do you feel like doing ? Well, for me i thought I’ll blog.. Gee….

Reading a lot these days about the actor-maid series. For people out of India, i don’t know if it is being published or circulated. But as for the publicity it is getting here I’m sure some tinkers must have reached you guys out there ! Anyways, so Ms.Maid has been portrayed as poor as the dumb soft toy who is not being handled properly by the ruthless kid! Well, well, I’m not a die-hard fan of the actor. I’m not his relative either ! Just wanting to analyse from a third party perspective whether or not all this getting printed and aired is required…

Media..Ouch, it hurts man !! Ya, right. Where at one side the media is so very responsible for educating people, spreading awareness and being the medium for communication at large scales..at the same time on the other side media behaves ruthlessly and pinches you everywhere…wherever they can !

I’m not keenly following this case or so.. but since I’m plugged to the radio all the time i commute to and fro office AND because i read lot of newspapers I’m unfortunate to skip the case details. So when I’m listening to the radio and reading the print media..i came across a lot of WHYs which may make sense…may be its for the aam janta (common man) to decide.. some of them being:

Why this case is gaining so much importance in terms of media and discussion ? While there are so many females falling pray to devils out there day in day out… Who is taking care of their cases ? Anybody hearing their pleas ?? Knock, Knock !!

Why a man is the culprit in the rape by default? I mean there could be the reverse at times,isn’t it ? And it has been also mentioned in many hindi movies. The one which i remember explicitly is Aitraaz (starring-Kareena,Akshay and Priyanka).

Why someone cannot take an action in order to find out whether what Mrs. Ahuja is saying is right or no. Like: She knows her husband for past 15 years and he can’t do this (Which is not a fool proof cover) and that someone is trying to frame him.Okay, so can the police please help them find the one who has framed Mr. Ahuja ?Consider the possibility and shift the focus, can they ?

Why Mrs. Ahuja is questioning the forensic tests reports? Shouldn’t we trust the authorities ?

Why can’t we wait,till we get the reports, to do our favourite job-jumping to the conclusions ? Since they say the reports might get delayed…so people, can’t wait but gossip about it !

Why can’t people mind their own business and not spend lot of time talking and discussing about the case as if they were to give the final verdict !

So guys, there are so many WHYs which i know of and I’m sure there are more to add. But overall i too started thinking about these WHYs that have been raised by several people in the print and air media.

The one question that i have in my mind is can a man really force a woman to sleep with him ? I mean, really ?


5 thoughts on “But WHY (???????)

  1. i agree with a lot of why's..and i would also like Ms Ahuja to tell me a who?Who does she think is framing Shiney? I pity the lady who's tring desperately for the sake of her child..thats all i can say

  2. I agree with you in that not there may be some women that will agree to have sex with a man but then regret it later, resulting in the man being the culprit. There was a case with rugby league players here in Aus recently where a 19 year old agreed to sleep with a couple of the players some years ago. The problem was it ended in a group orgy and now she regrets it. The one player who has now been stood down from his role as commentator has actually been harshly punished because he didn't do anything legally wrong but did something morally incorrect. And in answer to your final question: Yeah a man can force a woman to sleep with him through means such as emotional abuse or blackmail. I don't know much about this case, but if a maid is threatened she will lose her job, why wouldn't she sleep with her employer? It is still rape though because he used his power and status to force her.

  3. @PB: Well yes i agree about the emotional blackmail and all that. But talking specifically of this case: Its also being said that the maid had an affair with SA. So, then !! Anyways, there will more such things which will be disclosed bit by bit..and we are just onlookers !!! 🙂

  4. Hmmm…interesting! And I agree with lots of WHYs, u know I personally agree that a man can forcefully rape a woman if he wants to but in case of SA & maid, I also find the situation to be bit weird. Heard that lady was also in love with SA…I mean in this case somehow I can't be convinced that this is all real!

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