Thank God it is you….

…else how would I have been what I’m today ?

Thank God that….

You held my hand when I most needed someone.

You guided me when I was confused as to what to opt for my MBA specialisation and today I stand successful because you took the right decision for me.

You were there in all my sad times to make me smile and doing all that which will make me happy.

You stood by me when all others were opposing.

You took all the tantrums from me and I could be a child again.

You were sure and firm and hence i could be carefree.

You understand me so well so that I can be myself !

You give me so much love and I have stopped missing my family.

You are there to take important decisions and hence i can chill and think nothing.

You are there to plan things and I can sit back and enjoy.

You are concerned about my happiness and I feel blessed.

You wish me good luck in what all I do and I feel confident.

You love me so much that I feel special.

You hear all that I jabber and I feel i have someone to talk to all the time.

You are always near me and I feel that I’m not alone.

You are so selfless that I feel I’m so lucky to have a life partner like you !

Hubby, I’m thankful to God that it is you, whom I married to !

Yours Only !!


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