Work,Newspaper,Chai,Fruits,Parlor & Neela Aasma….

Well, nothing really very important to write BUT its very important for me to write this !! So here i’m with this ‘mixed feelings’ post.

Office day starts with Chai,Newspaper,emails and the phone of course ! Some HIs and HOW ARE YOUs with colleagues around and then phew..start the work ! The day gradually turns to be a hectic one and then you suddenly realise that -‘oh gawd ! You forgot to eat your lunch’ !! On top of that -the lunch at the cafeteria is over. Now what ? Well, well not to worry ! Days are not that bad too 🙂 You have a good option to go on a fruits and juice diet today ! What an idea ! So i pick up the phone and order one Pineapple juice and hey i have brought pappaya and mango in my tiffin 🙂 So today is a fruits day ! Yoyo !!

Okay now had fruits, felt so proud about myself that i’m following a great lifestyle of eating healthy food ! Went to the washroom to realise that-hold on,dont even bother to guess because its not what you are thinking-Ha Ha.. Well found two girls who had converted the office washroom into a Beauty Parlor-Literally !!! I mean the threading upper lips were in the process and the so typical girlie dicussions were on like you know- About the nails colors and the make-ups and the hair styles and the shampoos and the works yarr!!! Horrified, i return to my desk ! Do we females come for all this to work ? Or thats what females are finally to do even after education and corporate job ! May be its in our genes !!! Anyways so back to my desk and fiddling with pen and my thoughts…have to make a presentation…so i’m thinking…Ummm…well…things are very slow at my end…may be im in no mood to work !

And now, Boss says that ‘Chill and go shop,watch movies and have fun in life’… well let me clear the confusion about why does he say this to me. He says it all because i’m soon to leave the office forever. Yeah, would really feel sad though but its important for myself to shift… Anyways so Boss is at his best spirit and advices me to just chill and not work too much now. What do i do ? Oh well, heard this “boss is always right” ??? So i believe that and for first time though (how selfish i am).

I decide to go for some shopping and taking some time for myself. So here is what i do when i step out of the office ….Some pics i would certainly want to share here..the footsteps of monsoon on the Mumbai doors…It feels like monsoon is knocking and we are just about to open the door and welcome it with open arms 🙂 It really felt like this…see yourself………………The pics are from Marine Drive, Hajji Ali and the areas around….

It was an amazing experience to see nature in this form. I yearned to have wings so that i can take a flight and explore the clouds above me. I felt a strange connection between me and the clouds. They were appearing so eager and oozing. Just like me…eager and oozing with happiness that i’m going back to my home town…

Monsoons.. a phase of life which everyone yearn for ! For which everyone is waiting. It makes you feel cool and cosy. It inspires you to take some time off from your busy schedule and breath in the sweet smell of the wet soil. To realise that there is so much to life than just meeting targets. To loosen the strings and living the life for a moment !

Monsoons, oh Monsoon ! How important you are for us..For romancing,for being alone, for cherishing the memories,for remembering someone special,for reading a book,for inviting someone for coffee,for looking out of the window,for getting drenched and splashing water,for making paper boats,for going on a drive,for walking with your beloved,for eating bhajiya,for smiling and feeling happy,for film directors,for taking a break from the hectic life,for just being yourself !

Oh so important !! So very integral part…Rain oh rain,come again !!

3 thoughts on “Work,Newspaper,Chai,Fruits,Parlor & Neela Aasma….

  1. oh man, can't believe the washroom turned beauty parlor…i try my best to keep myself away from such girly conversations because i have nothing much to add to those 😛 anywayme loves the rain too..:-)

  2. @Ersa: Yeah, same here and hence i left the place horrified 😦 Anyways, lets hope the rains drench us soon :)BTW no post since long,all well ?

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