Awestruck = DUMB !

You ask why ? Well, me and my cousin (PT) go to PVR Juhu to watch an almost late night show (Angels and Demons). Movie enjoyed, ate snacks and passed critic comments on the movie.

The moment the movie got over and we were about to exit the screen-Whoa ! What do we see… in fact who do we see ? Well, it was Zeenat Aman…The Zeenat Aman of the bollywood industry ! Of course me and PT do not believe whether we just saw her actually. So to confirm we follow her to the washroom !

She gets into the loo and we fiddle with tissue paper and fumble with taps pretending that we are there just to wash or whatever… Ha Ha Ha… And after a bit when the female comes out of the loo…boy, we realise its her !! Yes, it was Zeenat Aman. It was her and both of us in the washroom and no one around. We were so awestruck by her presence that we could not even move. I mean move-don’t even remember whether we blinked and breathed or not. PT and me kept watching her sheepishly being under the fear that what if she realises that we are just pretending to be naturally being in the washroom.

So 5 mins and she is off. And then me and PT start cribbing as to why either of us could not even say HI to her ? What a rude behaviour. and what a dumb behaviour?? 😦

For Zeenat also it was a kinda insult (may be this is a strong word) that we did not even show that we are aware of her presence. She must have felt that she is not recognised 😦 Or may be not. She must be used to it since in Mumbai you accidentally come across these actors umpteen times. And mumbaikars choose not to pester the actors with “autograph please” “hi,i m xyz” “one photo with you pls”…etc.

But for us it was a dumb act. We surely knew that she was Zeenat and we wanted to talk to her and may take her autograph or may one picture or all of it ! But why,oh why PT, we did not move a bit ???

Well, to throw some more light on the incidences like these… I have come across
Lara Dutta ( PVR Juhu)
Sarika (PVR Juhu)
Om Puri (Fabindia Store,Pali Hill)
Sachin Pilgaonkar (PVR Phoenix Mill)
Purab Kohli (PVR Juhu)
Kirron Kher (Inorbit Mall)

And yes ! Spoken to none of them ! Actually not even said HI !!!Dumb Dumb Dumb !!!! What more can is say- Awestruck= Dumb !!!!!

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