Back and Wondering !!!

So, when you reach to the destination you always wanted to reach,what is the first thing that comes to your mind ?

In my mind the first question that clicked was-What next ? Yes i have reached my target destination 2 days back. And since then apart from being happy i’m very anxious and worried. It seems like life has halted. Life is not heading anywhere.

And i was astonished because of my mixed feelings.I thought i will be the happiest (if at all anyone can) when i get what I always wanted. But no. Things are different.

I thought a lot about this. Did some analysis and what I got out of it is as follows- (Of course its my analysis and need not be absolute in all terms)

1. Human beings can never be satisfied with what they have. There might be exceptions but then they are saints ! Well, yes the degree of dissatisfaction varies.

2. Human beings cannot sit idle. Specially those who are workaholics and are used to being around too many people.

3. Human beings are confused most of the times regarding what they want and what they dont want.

4. Human beings want everything in life. All !

5. Human beings are usually poor in planning when it comes to huge things in life.

6. Human beings have bad habit of putting their balme on others.

Umm.. i think there could be more to this list. Human Being is a complex structure of physics and chemistry with the great contribution of biology. This sentence itself looks so complex !!! LOL

Well, since i’m back i have been lazying around and in actual terms doing nothing except watching some flicks and sleeping and yeah my favourite-shopping ! Its fun actually 🙂

So what am i cribbing for ? Ha Ha… confusing isn’t it ?


One thought on “Back and Wondering !!!

  1. Well Human Beings are also very good at few things one of them is taking everything in their stride and moving on in their journey of life. Time takes care of everything so just move on keep moving and wait for the right time

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