Dil Hai Chota Sa…Choti Si Asha…

What does it take to be a BLOG OF NOTE ? Everyday i sign into Blogger to find that this is blog of note or that is blog of note. Feels good to know about it but then there is a growing feeling about not being listed as blog of note đŸ˜¦

So i wondered what does it take to earn that title ? You know these guidelines could be specified so that those who want to improve on those scales could find a way and earn the title ! I mean who would not like to be the one on Noted list ?

I know, for once i thought blogging is just an open space on screen that lets you rant what all comes to your mind. But why not have a light competition ? I mean, I’m sure secretly there would be many who would be wanting to enter the genre of noted blogger,isn’t it ?

So, Mr. Blogger.com, what does it take to be listed ???? Will you help me know that ?

Ha Ha.. Dil hai chota sa…choti si asha… and that reminds me again that how we keep asking or yearning for something or the other in Life or from Life !!!

Hey this also pops a question in my mind… Do animals also have desires ? I mean do they really have thinking power and feelings ? Feelings, yeah they have but thinking power ? It has been said usually by old people that “They are animals because they cannot think”

Anyways, its another topic to write on i guess,what say ya !!!

C'mon,out with it,right here :)

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