Its My Kitchen…

Was generally discussing things with MIL and one of my aunts and her Daughter-in-law yesterday. So it was a 4 female chat room in the drawing room. While talking about things like-sarees,locality,shopping,movies and cooking.When we came to cooking, I realised that my MIL is so fond of her kitchen to an extent that she can’t let anyone into it and for that matter me too ! I was surprised. I wasn’t aware. Her typical words- I would like to cook in my kitchen alone till the time i can do that.

I mean yes, its been 4 years of my marriage and 2 years i have spent in this house with her. Never came across this feeling of hers’. I have cooked for 2 years and had never heard that i cook bad ! Areh Sacchi ! So may be these two years ,that i wasn’t living here , she must have developed this MY KITCHEN feeling.

Its good in a way (LOL, I won’t be expected to cook and do all that) and well, its not that good ya. I like cooking and experimenting. And so far I have been a good cook as to not disappoint the people who eat. So, why ? Why did you debar me from the kitchen MIL ? Ha šŸ™‚ If I can say so !

But generally when i thought of this i remembered I have heard of other MILs and Aunts saying and following this desire of owning the kitchen completely in the house. Few in my family itself and few outside the family.

So why is this desire and how does it help? What pleasure does it give to these females ? But you know when I checked myself whether I have this desire- Oh God, Yes ! Me too would like to own a kitchen in which only I can cook and the way I want to. So i guess its natural to feel like this. Only difference is some people say it and some don’t let you know that they don’t want you to intrude in their kitchen !

How personal an area in the house can get… This is the best example. Feeling so possessive about the kitchen !!


One thought on “Its My Kitchen…

  1. oh i don't know as of now if i love my kitchen, but i sure do not like anyone around the area when i'm working there…i like to take my sweet little time there, and do stuff on my own…:-)

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