Between Jobs and 8 days !

Came back to home town saying that all prepared for the emptiness that will follow after I’m jobless. Ranting about my latest experience about being joblessness and whether I’m really prepared or not !

First day: And I’m happy. Why cuz I’m back home and with my people. Most importantly my hubby. So life’s all set for fun and loads of love šŸ™‚

Second day: Lots of work to do. What work ? Well to unpack and get all the important work done like going to bank and getting a new mobile connection and all that stuff. End of day, exhausted and felt WOW that the day is gone without letting me think “what next?”

Third day: Meeting relatives in the town and catching up on all the gossiping that i had missed in the recent past. Overwhelmed with all the developments that relatives and friends are coming up with.

Fourth Day: A bit of restlessness creeps in. The emptiness shouts loud in the ears and tells me that I’m not doing anything in life and that I’m velli (Punjabi word for person whose idle). Start feeling sad that’s when hubby dear comes to my rescue suggesting me to blog and do lot of it cuz as per his observation blogging is the one thing I don’t get easily bugged up doing umpteen times. It clicks and I’m at it. So lotsa posts in past few days-which is evident !

Fifth Day: Catch up few movies. Not so impressed and put this idea aside-in fact trash this idea of watching movies. Hey what about Tele then ? OK let’s try this one which I haven’t done in years-that is sitting in front of the television and watching it actually. I mean the other days I generally switch it on for music sake or just to assure myself that I’m not alone and some Obama or Barkha Dutt or Rakhi Sawant or Akshay Kumar is talking constantly so that I don’t feel lonely ! So usually with the laptop / book in front of the Tele. But this time wanted to try it without any support-book / laptop. Well, you don’t have to guess that. The trick failed big time šŸ˜¦ Soon realised that Tele is not made for me or the other way round ! Again go back to Hubby like a little girl goes to her daddy dearest when she is confused and want a solution from her superman,dad,who knows all the answers to her questions. Like Dad somewhat like hubby :)) So hubby suggests why not take up reading books that you have kept hanging from so many days. Grab them ! Well, right you are hubby-as always ya ! So decide to dig my book apartment kept in the study- this task for tomorrow ! (ok why book apartment-cuz books are your best friends and they live in the shelf then why not call it their apartment,eh?)

Sixth Day: Got up early and all set for the mission-to knock at Books Apartment šŸ™‚ Start doing it and realised that have plenty of them to read and I felt kind of shame for not reading so many books that I have been buying and putting into the ‘non-read’ section increasing it to almost 25. šŸ˜¦ But on the other hand felt good that now at least I have something-lots of reading to do eh !

So happy and spent the entire day in happiness ! Ha šŸ™‚ No actually did some book apartment cleaning as well. How change comes to your rescue and how better you feel to change things around you when you want to feel fresh and clean !

Seventh Day:I’m suddenly worried about my fitness and want to hit the gym right away. And yes how can i forget the oh so favourite sport-Badminton. So all set to join gym and start playing badminton again ! My long lost passion wakes up and I feel fresh within. Cool ! So girl, I’ll be a busy bee once again and gosh then I can justify my ‘busy’ status on gtalk- which from past one week is on red mark but all friends and relatives are pinging me asking ‘What are you busy with at home now?” Making me feel more complex about my situation of not working and getting tagged as ‘The house wife”…. But soon now it will be over…I’ll be genuinely busy,listen you folks there !

Eighth Day: MIL and me plan to go take a short vacation at doon city ! Whew !! What an idea maaji !!! Hubby is not very excited about this idea at the first instance but looking at my growing anxiety about ‘what next and I’m bored” he also thinks to take a break from rescuing me time and again from my whims and fancies of “I’m good for nothing in life and all that stuff” LOL !

So planning done and tickets reserved. All set to pack the bags and leave in next 3 days to Dehradoon !

So that’s how I have just crossed 8 days of my joblessness. Oh and forgot to mention that on one of these days I suddenly wake up in the middle of the night and log into the Internet-for what ? Well to update my resume and profile on the job portals that would probably help me search a job and take me out of this pain and agony of sitting idle-it hurts specially when my man is at work !

Also all these days it was needless to mention that orkut, facebook and gtalk was 24*7 on and functioning. Well my Internet service provider is going to be really happy with my customer ship and may offer me some discounts (hahahah) on future billings.

Also notice hubby dearest’s strategy- He has all the ideas at one place but he feeds those ideas in my brain not in one go so that every time i go to him he has something to offer me as a solution ! Right hubby ? šŸ˜‰


7 thoughts on “Between Jobs and 8 days !

  1. Well empty mind is devils workshop now i know for sure. I hope you dont get more develish. Jokes apart must find a way through this fphase as well just pick up one good activity ( you may multiple)and stick to doing it you should be more than fine. Best of Luck.

  2. Ha !! That laptop and TV syndrome caught up with me some time back, and I thought I was the lone victim. Thank God, I have a counterpart! šŸ˜€

  3. @HP: Duh !@Keerti: Thanks for visiting, keep on ! Yeh, you have me accompanying you in the syndrome šŸ™‚ Cheers šŸ™‚

  4. good you end up finding some or the other to do every day…at least till now…have fun on your vacation dear!!!

  5. @AJCL: Not at all sweetie ! I'm still into 'out of work blues' and trust me it becomes bad at most of the times..hard to handle mood swings and all that stuff !

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