About Morning Walk- Emotions and Reality !!

It’s about a morning walk. Not the one which people out there take up everyday but the one which I saw just few hours ago. It’s about the movie which is just released today- Morning Walk.

For a strange reason I’m unable to rate the movie till now. It’s almost 3 hours and over that I’m back from the cineplex and doodling with the thoughts of categorising this movie. Unsuccessful ! But anyways, I at least am clear about the theme. The story line and the characters played by eminent actors like- Anupam Kher,Sharmila Tagore, Rajit Kapoor and Divya Dutta.

The movie is very local and hence quiet easy to relate to the day-to-day family matters. Kind of reality cinema,if I may call it just that !

The story revolves round these characters- Professor Joy (Anupam Kher) and his student cum friend Neelam (Sharmila Tagore).

It’s about when they grow old and not when they are young and freshly fallen in love. It’s about their eternal love which is residing deep within and breathing every second-which is not dead ! It’s about prof fulfilling the commitments and taking a fair decision at the important juncture of several people’s life in the family.

Okay. Prof. Joy has one legal son-Indra (Rajit Kapoor) daughter-in-law Reeta (Divya Dutta) and granddaughter Gargie (Avika Gaur-the Balika Vadhu fame). Prof lives alone in Kolkata and his son lives in Mumbai. One fine day,on Prof’s birthday, prof has a heart attack and 3 months later prof decides that he would spend sometime with his son and the family since life is too short to be away from the loved ones. Prior to this the prof is very reluctant to even go and visit his son for few days. Of course, the reason being the not-so-good daughter-in-law (DIL)

Anyways, so prof shifts to Mumbai and decides to stay with his son forever-yeah, even after the existing nagging DIL. In few days time prof realises that his old flame-college days- lives in Mumbai and of course in the same locality. They meet,exchange HIs and HELLOs and part awaking the old flame . Now there is a twist at Indra’s home. Indra’s wife Reeta wants to buy a new house of their own which can cost a fortune. She thinks that this old prof can sell his house in Kolkata and invest that money in Mumbai’s house where he can have a room of his own. Yeah that’s the deal basically-You give money and you get a room in our house forever. Alls set. Prof agrees and they settle down with one huge bungalow to buy.

In the meanwhile,Neelam’s daughter-Anjali (???-sorry not known to me) wants to go to the US for further studies. She falls short of money due to no scholarship and well daddy dear comes to help her on time. Oh yes, Anjali is Prof’s daughter. Illegal one. Which prof comes to know only after putting lot of pressure on his thinking buds and then confirms the same with Neelam.

Prof chooses to leave his son’s house,shift with Neelam and send daughter Anjali to the US by selling Kolkata house. Finally !

Story line is very simple and quickly understandable. But whole maja is in watching Anupam Kher and Sharmila act. Their emotions and their love flow through their eyes and voice which is amazing ! To read between their gestures about their love. About how responsible their behavior has been all these years and and even today when they meet after almost 2 decades. The love is to be felt and understood by heart.

Rajit Kapoor has again proved his mettle. He is a great actor. Fantastic.
Divya Dutta- No doubt she is a great artist. I always feel she has not made it to the super stardom due to her height. But who cares I like her acting and I’m sure there are people like me out there who love Divya !
Daughter Anjali and her Boyfriend- Sorry guys but you were a mess !
Avika Gaur- Well, I really feel that she acts much better in Balika Vadhu. In this movie she gave a “Can do better” performance.

So that’s what Morning Walk is all about- Emotions and Reality Cinema ! It’s a must watch for people who like emotional plots and serious thought triggering movies.


4 thoughts on “About Morning Walk- Emotions and Reality !!

  1. I do not agree to the statement is a must watch for people who like emotional plots even with decent performances from AK and ST the movie fails to maintain continuity and it sort of destroys the whole mood pathetic direction poor story line and lots of loop holes thats what is morning walk

  2. @HP: I repeat-It's the movie for people who love emotional plots. And all that I know you, You are not from the lot !!!! So obviously you didn't like the movie, eh !

  3. The movie sounds interesting from ur review and though the last comment is negative I think I will give it a shot

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