Mom,Dad,Brother and Childhood !

A Sunday afternoon- Mom making some nice stuff to eat at tea time and little brother tagging along with me and dad to play carom.

A perfect family time !

An evening- I’m playing with my friends in the park,Mom with her friends chit-chatting but secretly waiting for dad to come home from office and little brother just playing in the garden at the house with few my friends’ siblings. Dad coming home,visible from a distance and me and my brother running towards his direction with delight and mom secretly smiling and going inside to prepare the tea for him.
A perfect evening one longs for !

Me and my friends playing holi and we are a gang. Our parents also indulging into colors. We have a bash. Later hogging on the puran poli,traditional sweet bread, and then sleeping for hours waking up to an evening party.
A perfect celebration !

Visit grand parents in summers. Having other cousins also from the family. Watching dad as the perfect family man and the obedient son of his mother and mom as the dutiful daughter-in-law. Spending 15 days with the entire lot-a huge family- and of course having a gala time with cousins playing pranks,water fights and ice-creams,just to return to the family of four and the same perfect family routine !
A perfect family get-to !

The not so very good report card from the school and coming home with dull face and heart beating faster because mom and dad are not going to like it at all. Reach home, show the truth and get ready for the consequences just to be surprised to see that they are upset but not villains. They make you understand and motivate you to perform better in the next trimester,after all its not the end of the world ! Also, the incentive is added to scoring good marks-A new bicycle that is long wished !
An example of perfect parenting !

Brother growing up and we both are not so friendly. Constant fights and disliking each other. No sharing of things.No bonding at all. Our parents come to our rescue. They teach us the beauty of sharing and caring. That we are siblings and we can have fun being together. We can be best friends. And how we can stand for each other when required. It clicks us siblings,though not very easily but slowly we accept it and start practising it. We like it and finally we are master at it !
A perfect brother-sister relationship !

Finally I grow up, with all these perfect things,to the day where I’m married and leave my parents house as a tradition and my brother is also away studying. What is left is the two of them. Mom and Dad.

When I sit and look back I realise how difficult it is for them to have both their children grown up and gone away,for good though. How they were prepared for all this. How calmly they handled our childhood and never let us feel the pain they themselves went through or are going through today,of missing us and our perfect family time days !!

How I miss my childhood today. All those perfect things and the days where i did not have to worry about a thing in life.Where I could carry the carefree attitude ! Where I was the princess of my parents.

I’m happy today that I’m married to the man who,if not exactly,is like my dad ! Who will help me grow up my children in the same gentle and perfect way my parents could grow me up ! That I will remember,at each step, how my parents handled the situations in my childhood and made me understand what was necessary then! I hope I’ll be able to !

I miss those days !!! The childhood days !


3 thoughts on “Mom,Dad,Brother and Childhood !

  1. I miss those days too!Those carefree days when theres no worry in the world! Sigh.I can't imagine getting married and leaving my parents. Its going to be a little frightening.One of the many reasons i'm staying far from marriage for now. πŸ˜› hehe.Lovely post SS! πŸ™‚

  2. Miss M,thanks !! Yes getting married is frightening but not at all bad i'm telling you πŸ™‚ You just get to explore a whole new world of relations and emotions πŸ™‚ Try it :)Thanks for visiting ,Keep on πŸ™‚

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