The 3rd Decade

Found the wrinkle on your face? Felt that your face is growing dull? Oh and then your maid calls you beebee jee rather than a didi. And how can I not mention that subjiwallah. While combing your hair you find a grey strand Oh wait, two of them. Umm..gosh there are many up there…

You sit. You think. In addition, you wonder why all this is taking place. And then suddenly you realize oh, these are the signs of me hitting the third decade of my life.

What does it feel like hitting the 30s? First instance anyone could react to it as Growing old. But, hey wait a minute. Why associate being 30 something to being old?

Specially in this era when there are so many important things taking place in your thirties. Like, a lot of females, actually most of them are getting married in their thirties (as opposed to the earlier tradition of getting married latest in your 25s), They become mothers in their thirties. They look beautiful in their thirties. They are settled in their career and their and are ready for relationships.

So why get worried if you approach the 30s? Just take a chill pill and look at the beautiful things coming your way now. Go, grab them all!

And about the grey hair and dull skin. Chillax! There are people up there to sort you on that! It is all readily available now 🙂 so have fun! Moreover, the old and famous dadi ke nuskhe can always come to your rescue, when you need them!


7 thoughts on “The 3rd Decade

  1. Agree totally with you. Had written something on the same lines a few weeks back. Dunno why 'growing older' is such a dire thing.

  2. :-)…no matter what anyone says, I, for some reason, don't like getting old :-(…maybe it will change in the future.

  3. It sounds simple while it is nt. Age is not just a number for me. How I wish I could to 25 for forever. 😦 Sigh !!

  4. I'm in don't-care state as of now. I think that's coz at 25 I have already started to grey. There's always hair colour for future use! I have a friend who is 26 and she can't wait to turn 30. She is excited and literally counts down the years!

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