Wishlist = To-do List ????

Read an article in the leading news daily of Delhi day before yesterday. It talks about your long pending wishes that you haven’t yet accomplished. The article was by Paulo Coelho, the writer of The Alchemist. This just reminds me that I liked his Eleven Minutes very much. I mean more than alchemist or any other book. Anyways, so this article said that there are many wishes that we have and nurture them secretly or openly but haven’t yet flaked out time to fulfill them. There are works that we wish to do but are not doing or haven’t done till now since we are too occupied in other tasks that are right now our priority and can’t take back seat. But being busy and not doing what we always wanted to do does not discourage us to scrap the wish list that we have created in our minds or may be on papers as well. In the article Paulo has tried to list his wishes that he hasn’t accomplished yet but strongly wants to go ahead with them sometime in life.

I liked the idea and I started thinking of my wish list which really has taken a back seat due to other priorities in life. I was sure I had some or the other wishes floating in my mind every now and then and also they keep getting replaced by the newer ones at times. So what are these wishes? And why do we call them so? Why do these take a back seat in our lives? If these are our wishes then why don’t we strive to fulfil them? It’s we who let them take a back seat and then conveniently put them off for the other priority things that we are doing in our daily life. May be yes, that it’s not the right time for our wish list to merge with our to-do list. But why not set a target for the wish list and gradually bring them into our to-do list. We need to create some space for our wishes. And it’s totally in our hands, isn’t it?

I tried to list down my wishes. These are the few things I would like to do before I die.

  1. I wish to learn playing guitar.
  2. I wish to be an interior designer.
  3. I wish to meet Amitabh Bacchan
  4. I wish to learn to fly an aeroplane.
  5. I wish to own a company.
  6. I wish to live in a village for a while.
  7. I wish to write a book on my life.

May be there are many more to add to this list. What about your list, eh?


3 thoughts on “Wishlist = To-do List ????

  1. Screenage, I like your new template! 🙂 I have wishes for sure…in fact, I'd made a list of 'things to do before I die'. I've crossed out some of them so far. Some which I would like are to buy a house of my own, to write a book under a pseudonym for kids, to travel to Ireland and all around Australia, to own a pet dog or two or three, to learn another language….

  2. PB, Tnx 🙂 I'm glad that you are back 🙂 Well,l have written a lot when you were away..see if you can catch up-your comments are valuable :)Well, yes all of us have a wish list and we should strive to fulfill them ! Good Luck with yours!

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