What’s Wrong ? MAY BE….

Have been wanting to write since morning. Could not write a single word. Tried to open the blogger writer and then wrote few words. Closed. Opened again after a while. Closed. Third time tried. But all in vain. Finally trying for this last time. May be I’ll get something to write and complete it too.

Past two days I’m wanting to write so many things. Had registered in my mind that I’ll quickly post it all. But as soon as I get to the blogger I’m blank. May be I’m not sure how to put my feelings across or may be I’m falling short of words. Or may be I’m just not in the mood to write or …. Well, it could be anything which I’m not aware of.

Sometimes life becomes this surprising. You are unsure of things happening to you.Like I’m not sure why this MAY BE happening to me in terms of writing.

For a second I also considered to close down my blog.For a while.And may be forever. Maybe I’m done with writing online. May be I’m done with hiding true and all the feelings. May be I’m aware that too many people, whom I know, are reading my blog. May be I don’t want to write all that is in my heart. May be I need some secret place to write in or a place where I can just rant about everything under this sky !

Honestly, how many of us write everything,that comes to our mind,on this blog ? Are we not aware that many,about whom we are writing, might be reading our blog ? Or may be whatever is written by you could be taken against your personality or character by the people who know you and also by those who have become your friends in this blog village ? Ya ?

Well, many of us might be just plain and simple in being very direct and open in writing. But I’m sure I’m not. There are things which I just withhold within me and may be put in my personal diary (which i maintain to write by pen)

So what is this blogging all about then ? Faking or hiding your feelings ? Do we write for others ? Or is it a medium through which we can exercise our freedom of speech ?

I’m confused ! You sure ?

2 thoughts on “What’s Wrong ? MAY BE….

  1. Well I guess nothing is wrong for if one is honest he/she has to be totally honest with others and more importantly with one's ownself. You can not be selectively honest.So I guess if you have decided that blog is the medium to express your feelings you should express all that comes to your mind, people can always agree or disagree.Also there would be times when you would be short of words but full of thoughts and feelings, i guess all you can do is wait for the right words to come to your mind..:) so just keep it going…why keep us devoid of pleasure of reading your blog…

  2. umm so very true… sometimes you have to restrain urself from publishing a post which might hurt sum1.. or sum1 mite take it in a completely wrong sense…But then… it is a medium of expression, it depends on you to choose.. expresing everything or writing selective thoughts..I have read blogs, where people dont hide a single thing.. they even write about, wht time did they took bath and which soap they used… too much for freedom of expression huh?I fee one should write everything that comes to his/her mind..but not necessarily publish it. One should not make his/her personal life public on a blog.

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