Indore, once more !

It’s been a month now. Seems like a year or so. Feels empty. At the same time feels good. Embroilment of thoughts constantly hitting me. Why ? I ask myself this one question. What is the reason behind all this ? There is not particular answer but there are several thoughts still revolving and wanting to take a proper shape of a single thought or two.

Indore as a city is blooming in terms of purchasing power and educational hub. Of course this means a huge influx of money,goods and people in the city.
Money-okay can be accommodated, haha no ?
Goods-still okay,can find their own place.
People- Hmm, now what do we do with these ? There are people and more people around the city.

They say ‘the more the merrier’. But hey not in this case man !The more people the more breaking of rules, more traffic and more crime. We were a quiet and palliative city. Yes, we were not that happening and all that. But we were okay and happily living our hustle free lives. But now where are we heading. We are becoming more crowded and unorganised.

I don’t know if we are ready for this change ? If we are equipped for it. If not, then we are in danger. For if we don’t buckle our shoes now we will never be able to wear them in future ! I hope someone up there in the authority is listening to me or at least thinking on his / her own !

What we really miss in Indore right now,which should be a compulsion to follow,is:

Traffic rules and Traffic sense-We have traffic but no rules.
Discipline- We are really not the disciplined ones for sure, we are brats !
Driving ethics- We have drivers but not learnt a proper driver’s lesson.
Mannerisms- “oh bhyao” Ya ya, that’s what we will call you if you come in our way !
Social Ethics- We will go to the multiplex and buy an expensive ticket for the movie but will remain the same dress circle gentry, shouting and whistling in between the movie !
Roads- And lot of them now. Looking at the increasing traffic at the roads it is essential now that we have a working plan set immediately to curb the future problem that is daunting on us gradually !

I have been observing all this and more. These days I just don’t want to move out of the house. Otherwise I was the one who used to force H out his book and laptop to go for a ride. But now I’m kind of avoiding going out. Not that I want to have an empty road,just for me, to drive but I want to have disciplined people around who think about other vehicles and wheelers on the road and follow the rule of Green,Yellow and Red colors !

Well, I don’t know what’s going to happen and If at all there are plans already in place and just going to hit the right chord, when is that time ?

For me, ahh, I’m ready to flee to Mumbai.Oh I know,I know every city has its drawbacks. Just like each human. But city love is something to do with my Mumbai mania !! 😉

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