J A P ????

What is that one thing that all us human being posses, I mean for sure ? Or may be what are these things that are so very compulsively present in all of us.Breaking the caste and religion and rich and poor barrier we have a agnate corner in the brain and heart which stores these things.Let me see if I can list a few of them

A Love Story: Everyone has a love story or may be two or you know…. 😉
A lost relationship: Be it a friend,family or any other relation that we possessed and now don’t own it anymore but are in pain since it is no more alive !
An embarrassing moment: Yes, we all do have it for sure. Oh common I know you are smiling now recalling yours !!
A special person: Could be anyone,yes anyone !
A Soft corner for someone: Well, can we deny this ?
A secret desire: Now, now ! I’m sure I need not exemplify this …
A wish list: Oh yes ! I want to become an actress or I want to meet a celebrity or I want to have wings and fly high etc etc.
A fear: Of cockroach or a lizard or heights or water or….huh !

I can go on and on and on… One thing that comes to my mind,don’t know if it strikes you too. Well, reading all the above, it kind of states that we all are made of blood and flesh. We all depend on oxygen and water and food. We all are so much alike.

Only our birth separates us from each other. We are categorized and that too very conveniently. Sometimes we are black or white or rich or poor or brahmins or vaishya or jain or maharashtrian or bengali or from this family or that family. We get this from our ancestors. I don’t deny that we get so much more form our ancestors which is invaluable. But tags along this racism and castism and religionism.

There are so many movies made on the similar lines where we are educated to be united and not fight. To behave ourselves and not categorise. It’s only a film which makes profit and then is forgotten. Why can’t the real life follow the reel life in these lines as well- the way we do follow the latest fashion or the trends shown in the films.

Do we ever realise where are we headed ? By each passing day it’s getting unsafe in any city. People are getting mad at each other for tiny little things. They are taking liberty in committing crimes for money,revenge or even love !

Day in day out we get to read and hear in the news media about the crimes taking place in our localities. Near us. Who knows tomorrow it could be you ! We just read it as a language and digest it as food and flush it out of our lives. Is the common man so fearful and weak or the common man is just careless. The action is taken only when it hits you or else who cares ! The typical chalta hai attitude is so very well mixed in our blood that we don’t realise the consequences which are going to hit us hard in future. And future I mean real close future !

Why are we so loaded with corruption, pollution and gundagardi ? And hey why don’t we just mind it at all ? Why can’t we stand strong against all three monsters ? Did I just say stand strong ? Ah.. are we even daring to stand,leave alone standing firm !

No, no. I’m not hit by any of these monsters that I’m ranting here about it. I’m just thinking about the very reason why we exist in this world. Why did GOD made us all ? What did he think while creating this world ? Was this the actual outcome that he wanted out of his creation ? Or we are just ignoring his rule book and making our own ? Why do we forget time and again that we are plain and simple human beings. Thats that ! Can’t we just remain ??? Why do we want to be GOD or the highest power or whatever ? Why do we forget that we have so much in common. Everyone gets hurt and everyone has a family.

I don’t know, may be I’m just being too serious about all this or may be we really need to be serious !!! Do you think so ? Will this be taken as just another post (JAP) from “screenage scribbler” and forgotten by may be posting some comments or not even doing that ?


C'mon,out with it,right here :)

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