Mumbai Magic- Will it strike once more ?

High Tide at Marine Drive, Worli and Haji Ali. Tide tourists flocking the shore to witness the water madness with rain gears and ready to take in the thick dirt coming with the waves at them. Office goers,School Children and Love Birds all the kinds were spotted at these high tide spots.

Reported TOI today. I could just read and see the pictures on the online TOI edition.

I miss being Mumbaikar ! I miss being the Tide Tourist. I miss being addled by Mumbai’s weather. I miss,sigh, oh how much I miss this magical city ! It really takes over you in pretty short time. For me it was within no time and now it seems that I have been an integral part of the city since childhood. Its ecstatic to feel connected to a city like Mumbai, Amchi Mumbai !

God !! Will I ever get a change to be a part of the mad rush ? Will I ever call it a 5 days working service ? Will I ever plan my weekend to go to Shopper’s Stop Juhu and Marine Drive ? Will I ever read my favourite Mumbai Mirror and solve the crossword, sudoku and Bull’s eye puzzles ?

It’s such a part of life,I know, missing and then moving on. But is it that easy or general ? Well, missing human beings is pellucid but missing a city so much ? Does that make sense or I’m insane ? I have already mentioned that I have lived in so many cities. But why then Mumbai becomes my love ? That I miss so much ? Ummm…

Oh.. Awww !!! Will the Mumbai Magic strike once again ?


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