She and Him-Why ?

It’s like a sudden apoplexy rising through my heart. It’s like I don’t want anything else in life but you. It’s like I haven’t lived my life before you came into it. I’m totally confused. I’m totally tormented ! I don’t know where to go. I don’t know whom to talk to about this. I don’t know what to do about it. I’m clueless. I’m helpless. I feel I should break all the barriers and come to you. I feel why do we have to hide our feelings for each other. Why can’t we say what we want to and do what we want to ? Why ?

What’s your aim in life ? Why do we have to do what we are doing ? Can you answer my questions ?Do you have anything to say to this ? Do you have an explication or two to this ?

He listens to her carefully and sedately. Comes close to her and holds her. He looks at her and smiles. She is confused seeing his smile. Then he starts speaking slowly and consistently.

My love, We are together always. Look into your heart and you will always find me. You are there with me in every bit of my life. Even if I’m talking, walking, sleeping,eating or when working.This life we have been given a chance to meet again and in the next one we are going to be together. For sure ! I trust our love and I’m sure we have met in this life to continue our love which we had left in the last life ! I too miss you all the time. I too want you in my life now and tomorrow and day after. But, we are born with some responsibilities in this life which we have to fulfill. We can’t hurt anyone because we are not selfish ! Our love is not selfish.

We are connected always ! We resonate ! We are one and not two ! You are mine and that’s true !


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