Ladies Special

Ladies Special. What does it rings in your mind when you first hear these two words? If I’m asked I will say A ladies special local train in Mumbai. Well I’m sure many of you will say the same thing. And this is a closer answer to what I want to mention.

Ladies Special is a tele show aired on Sony Televisions Monday to Thursday at 9.30 pm IST.

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I’m not into television so much but past few days trying my hands on the remote to surf few channels here and there. One of my friends asked me once-How do I decide upon buying a book ? Well, the answer is simple to this. One: You have read the author earlier. Two: By checking the snapshot of the story behind the book. It’s that easy, isn’t it? But when it comes to choosing a tele serial to watch, how do you decide that which one to go for ? I was addled by the options available and could not decide for a long time. Took this as a failure to choose when these days kids are so very smart and they know what they want to watch on the tele on their own. They need no one to guide ! Ahh, it hit me and I got kinda serious on that matter. I decided that I’ll finally choose a serial to watch. So dropped at Ladies Special. You ask why ? Well, not very specific reason but these are: The promos and the posters says that it’s related to working women,It’s about Mumbai, and I really am a fan of Shilpa Tulaskar and Neena Gupta-the artists in the serial. So that was enough for me to get to it. Though have not being following the serial too much-how will I. It’s just impossible to sit and watch tele continuously !

Anyway, so today watched one episode of LS and came across an issue. The set up is like this:
Neena Gupta is working in a call centre as a trainee and is yet to be confirmed. It’s evident that she is new to speaking English-read fluent English- and using computers. But yes, since she is in dire need of job she is putting all her efforts to learn and adapt herself to the BPO thing. But, unfortunately her boss gives her the news that she has not been confirmed and that she is no more required to come to the job.

This scene struck me. Seriously, think about it. How important it is for a women to own a job and earn a good amount of money to stand on her own. How distressed the life becomes if you are dependent on your husband or father or anybody for that matter. I’m a working woman myself and I know the importance of earning money and being independent. And when I say this I don’t mean to be rude and arrogant to the male gender. That this independence gives women a power to walk over whenever we feel like or act rudely just because we are earning and are not dependent on anyone.It gives the power to think,judge,be responsible,help the family,breath in fresh air,remain active,remain updated,earn respect,bring up children and stand for ourselves !

I think it’s really important for a female to study,learn and earn as well. I really wish all the families motivate their daughters to study and stand on their own feet. All married women should be allowed to work and enjoy their careers.
It is said and so wisely said: Educate a man and you educate one person. Educate a woman and you educate the whole family !


2 thoughts on “Ladies Special

  1. I have been wanting to write about Ladies special but missed out. It is breezy change in Indian television scene. The story is so realistic that we can see many of us in them. I agree the woman has to be financially independent. Not because husband does not earn enough or so but to make herself feel good. The irony in Mrs. Joshi's case was she took VRS after working for 30 long years and just to realize her husband has been cheating on her for all these years. I think the bottom line for every woman working or not working is to cherish that individuality.

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