Rakhi Sawant hits again !

Any publicity is a publicity. And our Rakhi banks on the statement so much so that she is into all kinds of publicity stunts all the time.

Initially my feelings and thinking on her:

I used to detest her for this. I mean it’s very natural to find this behavior unkempt specially when you call yourself a high, mature and decent class person. So Rakhi does not fit into this definition. She is out of this box and somewhere else in her own world. She does item numbers. She is projecting herself as sex siren everywhere she goes. She is so very hungry of publicity and a place for herself in the industry and the society. She comes from a very general kind of family which does not have a Godfather or Godmother to push her into the film land and back her up whenever required. She is on her own and she takes whatever step she thinks is fine and will take her somewhere to be recognised. So when she has exhausted all the options to get famous like Bigg Boss and Item Songs and Sexy Image shes now come up with a very new and innovative idea. She has started a series of episodes on her own marriage. Yes, the Rakhi Sawant Wedding !

Currently my feelings and thoughts on her:

Watched few episodes of “Rakhi Ka Swayamwar” (RKS) and I really looked at her from a different angle altogether. Not that I have started admiring her or something. But yes I have stopped reacting to her moves and actions in to the glam world. Did a little research on her background and past and I think she is just another female like many of us. Yes, the nature and the aim in life does differ but that’s that. Everyone has a different goal in life and entirely different approach towards it.

Rakhi might sound dramatic and unreal whenever she hits the screens of RKS, but ultimately its increasing the TRP of the show and that’s working as a publicity for NDTV Imagine as well as Rakhi Sawant herself. Now that the wedding day has been announced as August 2,2009 there are already some rumours and roadblocks coming into its’ way. Some realities about the show from contestants and the show not going to see it’s D-day.So again if it means publicity, great Rakhi is getting it all and this time with some sympathies as well, I guess ! There is so much published about the show. This itself says it all. It’s giving opportunities, to writers,producers,website owners and every single one who is attached to this show,to get famous !

Whatever she is, she has her own rights which she can exercise. No one is to judge her or for that matter anyone from one’s point of you. I mean just think If you are constantly judged by someone or the other,how would you feel ? Let Rakhi just be folks, nah ?

4 thoughts on “Rakhi Sawant hits again !

  1. I kind of agree with you. I know the background she has come from and reaching today where she is quite some achievement. May be her ways are not polished but it does not make her less human. RKS is complete career move if I can say that.

  2. I think more than Rakhi, it's the contestants who got publicity. I mean look at Manmohan tiwari.He had big hoardings and banners of his when he went back to Rishikesh.Many contestants felt that Rakhi is just another girl, very down to earth.Is that also a fake ? I wonder.

  3. @Cuckoo: Sure they too got the publicity which they would not have even thought about ! May be…As far as contestants taking Rakhi as D-T-E girl.. I think when it comes to one on one..the originality shows.. may be rakhi is like a DTE ! You never know đŸ™‚

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