‘Love Aajkal’-Movie Review

pic source: BIG Cinemas theatre, Indore
A movie of 2 hours. A good movie of 2 hours.It was so much required after such a slump in the multiplex screening.

Star cast: Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone and Rishi Kapoor. The plot is nice and keeps you glued to your seats. There is no urge to get up and go out and miss the songs in between. Jai (Saifu) and Meera (Deepika) meet like just another couple in all other movies. They fall in love like in other movies. But there is something new which comes to you now. The break-up. Yeah, the couple goes through the break up and is pretty happy about it and celebrate it by organizing break-up party ! Well, since its a movie to go for 2 hours it doesn’t end here. They settle down in their new respective lives and keep in touch through the Internet and smses-Thanks to this era ! 🙂 They meet again and they break up again. For the second time promising each other that this it. And the end of it.Well, they are still in touch just like friends and finally they meet once more at Meera’s wedding. She gets married to Rahul Khanna. But, but my folks. The end is still ahead. The very next day of the wedding Meera realises that she has done a wrong thing to herself,Rahul and Jai. She breaks up with Rahul immediately and settles down alone without informing Jai about since she is afraid and sure that Jai, on knowing this fact that she is no more married to Rahul, will leave his just started dream career and come to her. So she decides to leave it on destiny and waits. Waits till a year. In the meanwhile Jai also realises that he is loosing interest in life and because of Meera. Because he loves her and that she loves him too. That they are marriage prone girlfriend-boyfriend and not just time pass types ! So Jai reaches Meera and they come together forever ! A very general love story but has been presented differently. Rishi Kapoor plays and important role in directing Jai towards the right aim in his love life. In between Rishi Kapoor’s flashback story is played in the form of story narration by Rishi Kapoor to Jai.Listening to which he realises and learns the meaning of love and is able to figure out what he wants. In the end you will be thrilled by the cute surprise that the director has given you. Neetu Kapoor. The Neetu Singh Kapoor ! Yeha, go watch her and I’m sure you will like the way she has been presented to the audience. Overall a nice movie. Some nice jokes have been cracked in between to tickle your funny bone. Some dashing statements made. On top of it Saif Ali Khan’s terminology of Aaam Admi i.e. Mango Man really makes you laugh !!!

And yes the myth that this is just a repeat telecast of JAB WE MET is not at true ! Go Grab !

4 thoughts on “‘Love Aajkal’-Movie Review

  1. Well!… That was a good one… I hope all your readers have watched the movie…warna unka jana bekar hai :(Anyways..Thank God I've watched it yesterday only. And guess what…I liked it!Its a story of the notion of love staying the same with the age. I loved it as I could relate it with my own life at various places. And Certainly, it wasn't a Jab We Met again….Mr. Ali again pulled this one off 🙂

  2. @HP: You bet you would since we watched it twice and not to forget that the second time you liked it more, isn't it ?@The Game: Well, yes ! You are right. The way it has been shown to us that the love stays intact is indeed a creative idea !

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