Happy Friendship’s Day !

So ! Yet another year of friendship’s day. Yet another day to remember the old friends. Yet another day to take a walk down the memory lane. Nothing changes. Same Archie’s shops,same advertisements,same planning to go to parties,same saving money to buy gifts…… everything remains same.What changes are the characters of the play.Today I don’t find myself into these shops buying cards and gifts for my friends. But I see lot of college and school students buying the friendship bands,cards, chocolates etc.

As we grow by age we grow in maturity too. And then these things become not so important to wish a friend-what replaces it is just dialling the number or writing an email ! It’s so simple, isn’t it? The feelings reach in the right manner-not a single thing here and there. And today we realise that gifts and cards and parties are not necessary to celebrate the friendship. Friendship is eternal and friends reside in our hearts. I have been lucky to have friends whom I know for 22 years now and friends who are as new as a 2 years old ! But years don’t matter. What matters is the deepest understanding between each other. Geographical distances did not come in between us and I’m lucky for that matter ! There are times when days go by when me and my friends don’t get to talk to each other-everyone being tied-up in married life and the hectic professions. But still, it doesn’t change a thing !!

With growing times we also realise that the need of friendship also change. The kind of understanding that is required is totally different from the need of having fun and freaking out with the gang ! This is when our friends get filtered and we remain with handful of them whom we call “close” and “can-call-anytime-of-the-day” and “can discuss anything & everything under the sky” types.

I’m recalling my school reunion that took place last year in December at Pune. All of us met together after 13 years. And it did not take even a minute for us to burst out in laughter and remember the old school days. We spent close to 2 days together and were so thrilled by the reunion and the fact that nothing has changed between the group in all these years ! That’s what you call friends, right ?Best Friends are those who can listen to you even when you are not saying anything. Who are with you when you can’t even see them.Who will stand by you in all your odds even if there is so much going in their own life !

And everyone of us is blessed with one or more such friends ! Cherish them and attend them folks 🙂 Currently, few songs that are playing in mind are….

Yaaron Dosti… By K K
Purani Jeans aur Guitar…By Ali Haider
Video of: Tu Bin Bataye,Mujhe Le Chal… Movie-Rang De Basanti

And now I must stop !!! Getting senti…. Missing my friends who are not here… !!! Love you guys, you are the best !


2 thoughts on “Happy Friendship’s Day !

  1. It reminds me of THE few whom I call as MY friends ! This post refreshed all the memories… Thanks for that ! It's indeed a great post at the right time !

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