Slurp Slurp !!!

My favorite food since childhood and still manages to top the list . Can’t do without Maggie. It has managed to tickle your taste buds every time.Even if it has come up with experiments and new products. Maggi remains the most quickest snack forever. It works as a breakfast,evening snack and even a meal šŸ™‚ Multipurpose !!!

The next being Aaloo Tikki.Hmmmm.. nothing like it !! No matches found ever to replace this one !! And I don’t even want to replace it ever from my fav menu list !!! It’s all time favourite. You don’t have to be in the right mood to crave for it. In fact all moods are sorted out with a tasty plate full !! Slurrrrp…..I’m sure there would be very very few people who would say a NO to this !!! In fact I’ll not be surprised if there are none who dislike aaloo tikki !!!!

4 thoughts on “Slurp Slurp !!!

  1. Maggie!!! Mammi badi gazab kee bhuk lagi maggie chahiye mujhe abhi… maggie maggie noodles..Never had too much of it, in childhood, but set a record of having it for dinner for 3 months.. couldnt help it.. still love Maggie Atta noodles and can have it anytime.

  2. @ T: You bet there would be none who dislikes Maggie :)@ Ani: Hahahah, I like that !!! Well, instead of sending I'll have it myself !

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