Intellectual biwi chahiye…

What does a man look for in a female partner ? OK no need to even answer this one you guys up there.. Well, apart from that what does a man look for in a female partner. Hmm, now is the real answer. A man always wants an intellectual partner in life. Apart from other characteristics of a female. A very real example to quote is:

Wife: Why did you chose me as your life partner ?
Husband: Because of several reasons sweetheart.
Wife: Like..
Husband: Like..hmm.. You are good looking,your nature and above all you are intelligent.

And this would not be a new thing to hear for anyone,right ? Any man needs a wife or a girl friend who is presentable and can talk sense when with his friends. Specially, a man who is going to marry a girl and making her his wife. For a boy friend,the need of intellectuality gets reduced. I mean for him the foremost thing is that his girl friend should be hot !

One more example:
Wife is jobless currently and performing the role of a homemaker.

Wife: (doing all the house chores and utilising her time by ironing the clothes as well which otherwise go to the laundry). See, I did ironing today.
Husband: Ya, I saw that.
Wife: So ? say something..are you not happy I utilised my time in this manner ?
Husband: Hmm.. what to say !! I would have been much happier if you would have spent your time in some other activity.
Wife: Like ?
Husband: Like reading, or may be blogging.. something intellectual !

There are many other qualities that men look in a women. Check anywhere and with anyone. Intellectual will always manage to be there on the list.

3 thoughts on “Intellectual biwi chahiye…

  1. I think wanting your wife to be "HOT'' is something for yourself while wanting her to be intellectual is more related to the presentability of wife in front of friends and relatives……Out of 24 hours in a day you only get 6-7 hours for the "HOT" stuff but rest of the day wife should be preferably "intellectual"…..

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