In conversation with an old college friend. He and me are talking after almost a decade now and were generally catching up. Suddenly after the idhar-udhar ki baatein he asks me some question which really makes me think and pushes me to writing this one.Okay before we start please note that he is about to get married and his is a love marriage. So here is it :

CP: Can I ask you a question? A bit personal ?
Me: Well….
CP: I mean, I can’t help it but you know I’m hearing it everywhere these days and wanted to talk about it.
Me: Okay ya, go ahead and temme.
CP:I wanted to know if MIL and DIL relationship is that critical.
Me: Ahh ! Well, it depends on the angle. Which is yours ?
CP: I have heard from a close friend at office. She had a arranged marriage and now her MIL is at her totally. So, I’m really know…
Me: Well, just chill. It really depends on what side you are looking from. And moreover it’s different at every other home. So don’t judge right away. Chillax !

So, this was it and it really made me think about the relationship between a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law. Be it love marriage or an arranged one, this relationship does exist and since it has people in it, it will have issues here and there. So why take them so separately and discuss and think about these ?

I mean don’t husband and wife fight or argue ? Don’t brother and sister do that ? Friends ? Colleagues ? Neighbours ? Even for that matter strangers. So why give special weightage to this one in particular ? I mean why make it so big by categorising ?

I honestly feel, this relationship is as usual as the other ones that we have in life. What matters is your understanding and adjustment capabilities. If everyone of us decides to walk 2 steps towards the other person in question we are at it ! That’s what we have to do. That’s how it will be easier for all of us at all levels. We need to understand, each human being is different and have his or her own space which on invasion will feel bad about it. So let everyone live their own life on their own. Leave that “own space” corner for each self so that there is no mingling of private space. And rest of the time you can be together and can enjoy the life to the fullest. That’s the necessity and beauty of every relationship !

6 thoughts on “MIL and DIL

  1. yeah!.. that's pretty much what should be done and thought off. Its a normal relationship you choose.It really bothers me when I listen to such incidents. Great you have such people who talk about it 😀

  2. @The Game: Well, now you get it right,ain't you ?@BM: CP is a he. And he is worried of his future role between mother and wife-The two important ladies in a row ! 😉

  3. keep both parties engaged in some constructive activity and dont give them any free time to actually think about clashes 😀

  4. @T : Well, good for till them you get into it 🙂 thanks for the compliments about the template dear :)@Ani: Not a bad idea.. heard everyone there..heres a nice solution from Ani 🙂

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